October 03, 2019
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Home elevators – or residential lifts if you prefer – are being seen in more and more homes in Melbourne. There’s only one way to go and that’s up.

In Australia, residential land is getting smaller while square meterage is getting larger. There’s only one way to go and that’s up. Three-storey homes are no longer unusual, they’re typical in the premium market.

For most of us the obvious advantage of a residential lift is, of course, just such an occasion when you’re tired from work, exhausted from training or simply can’t be bothered with the stairs. But then there’s also the occasion when your partner has an ankle injury, and the time Grandad comes over to visit, and so on.

Daniel Mawson of Next Level Elevators explains another advantage. “With the trend now moving towards ‘forever homes’, that is, the house in which you intend to spend the rest of your life, people are planning well ahead and having a lift installed in their dream home”.

His point is well made – often the inability to safely negotiate the stairs is what drives older people, who are otherwise perfectly healthy, to have to leave the house they have loved for decades. No such problem if they have a residential lift – their investment has paid for itself by giving them years more in their beloved home.


Mawson notes that, even in the event of moving out, your elevator both adds to the value of the house and broadens the market sector who’ll find it suitable. Some new home builders even plan with their architect to allow for the space where they will have an elevator installed in future.

Traction lifts, now favoured in most installs, use a counterweight to most of the work, keeping the running costs low, and because the cabin is enclosed and the shaft as well, the noise is kept to a minimum.

All round glass walls is a favourite when choosing design, while stainless steel is a beautiful and practical option for ceiling and floor. But it’s really up to the taste of the individual. You want a granite floor in your lift? Have a granite floor.

A bit over the top having an elevator in your home? “We used to think that about en suites,” says Mawson.

An outstanding example of a premium home taking full advantage of three levels of lift access is 38 Commercial Road in Prahran – to be auctioned by Marshall White on October 19. Three connected levels of luxury in Prahran enjoying city views with the jewel in the crown on it’s own top level – your very own luxury master bedroom with lavish ensuite, walk in robe, steam room and glorious city views.