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Real Estate Market News

Has this market downturn been overcooked?

It may be early days into 2019 however initial signs once again today show the more positive take up of the market by buyers than what we saw at the end of last year.
As we mentioned last week, buyers have adjusted to the “new norm” of arranging finance and being in a financial position to bid more confidently than what they did with the changes to lending in 2018.
When we look at some of the falls in property values in Melbourne, (in some instances, 20% down from their highs), there is no doubt that with the robust economy that we are still in, with low interest rates, full employment and more; that the property market has some great buying out there for the astute purchaser and it appears water may be finding its level.
We are also seeing better activity this year with investors – wanting to take advantage of negative gearing laws as they currently stand.

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