September 01, 2020

Father’s Day

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To celebrate fathers, we decided to ask some of the Marshall White team what they have learnt from their fathers over the years and what they admire most about them. They also give some hints on celebrating Father’s Day in lockdown.

One of the positive aspects to our current situation is being able to take more time to connect with our family and loved ones around us. Working and learning from home has brought many families much closer together, uniting during a time that will not be forgotten. With Father’s Day this year falling while Victoria is still in Stage 4 lockdown, families will need to be a little more creative in how they celebrate. While we may not be able to physically see our fathers we can catch up virtually on one of the many phone and computer platforms including Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Houseparty. Gifts and restaurant meals can also be ordered online and delivered to surprise fathers on the day.

To celebrate fathers, we decided to ask some of the Marshall White team what they have learnt from their fathers over the years and what they admire most about them. They also give some hints on celebrating Father’s Day in lockdown.

Oliver Bruce – Albert Park

A director from a young age of Bates Smart, Oliver’s father Robert Bruce was one of Melbourne’s leading architects. Even with such a high-powered career designing distinctive homes for well-known clientele, he was always very relaxed and at peace. A thoughtful man, he taught Oliver the virtue of patience and the art of listening to people.

The traditional Father’s Day present over the years was always a bright checked shirt and a pair of socks. In more recent years they just catch up for a family lunch or dinner. This Father’s Day, with his father living in Shoreham, the catch up will be via Zoom.


Tom Hayne – Armadale

Following Andrew Hayne into a career in real estate, Tom admires his father’s dedication to being the best version of himself both at work and at home. Far from finding working with his father stressful, Tom believes it has strengthened their relationship. It has allowed him to see his father from a fresh perspective as a work colleague. Even before joining Marshall White, Tom always enjoyed spending the weekend’s with his father in the shared pursuits of golf, bike riding and boating. His father has taught him to work hard, play hard and travel even harder!

In normal years, the family would take Andrew out to one of his favourite restaurants on Father’s Day but this year, they will settle for a BBQ at home, sitting around the outdoor fireplace relaxing together.

William Chen – Balwyn

William’s father always looks on the bright side of life. He taught William to maintain a positive attitude at all times. While he believed that one’s greatest responsibility is to your loved ones, he maintained that you should also try to contribute to society in a positive way. Considered and calm when making a decision, his father also has a wicked sense of humour. Over the years, William has always felt at ease asking his father for advice.

On Father’s Day he would normally buy his father something to wear, but now that he is living in China, they will celebrate with a long video chat involving all the family.

Dot Murchie – Brighton

Yet another person to follow her father (and mother) into property, Dot, has been inspired watching her father in the workplace. She said that his professionalism “Blows me away!” She is enormously proud and grateful to have such a special man as her mentor through her personal life and career. He has taught Dot to stay true to yourself, be honest and that achieving happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Throughout her life her father has always had time for her no matter how busy he is. Dot says, “He’s the most selfless man with the biggest heart. I’m truly the luckiest girl in this world to be able to call him my dad.”

Normally the family would celebrate Fathers Day at a yum cha and with gifts of chocolate teddy bear biscuits, socks, undies and all the artwork from the grandkids! With her father “stuck” in Noosa they will try to organise a virtual yum cha or treat him to one of his favourite restaurants in Noosa!

Charlie Tostevin – Hawthorn

As the son of one of Australia’s most successful real estate professionals, Charlie has big shoes to fill. But working with his father has brought them even closer together. James has taught his son the value of hard work and consistency. That whether you feel like it or not, it’s your responsibility to “front up” and do the work necessary to succeed. Equal to his determination, has been his strong love and affection for all his children.

On Father’s Day, the family always tries to get together for a relaxed dinner at home.