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After the Labour Day long weekend hiatus, a bumper crop of around 60 homes went under the Marshall White hammer today and the strength of the market in the inner east and south east again shone through especially for well located, appropriately priced properties. It’s a gentle reminder that paying a little extra for the right home now is likely to pay excellent dividends in the future. For some buyers, the temptation is to become overly focussed on driving a “good deal” that buying into the right area is either forgotten or, even worse, an opportunity is missed and prices shift upwards. By the time that buyer eventually secures a home, the additional price paid eclipses any savings that might have been had if they’d acted earlier. We often find a buyer extends their home hunt by months or years costing them hundreds and, in extreme cases millions of dollars (yes, admittedly more so at the very top of the market over a 3 or 5 year search). Whilst there is no doubt the growth in prices has slowed somewhat in the last 6 months or so, there is still price pressure in the market and often the result of that price creeping isn’t noticed on a weekly basis but only upon reflection 12 months down the track. So buyers, if you like it and can afford it, don’t pass it up out of principal or because it’s just a little too expensive: buy it now and reap the dividends 10 years from now.


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