March 08, 2022

Celebrating Marshall White’s Amazing Women

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The Marshall White Women’s Network is looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022. We will be celebrating the amazing women of Marshall White who now make up more that two thirds of our workforce. We’re proud to work amongst strong, intelligent women every day.

The Marshall White Women’s Network is looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022. 

The theme this year is ‘Breaking the Bias’. At Marshall White, we believe women’s potential is unlimited and that the success of the business is dependent upon achieving a balanced, non-biased corporate culture. 

Stonnington Director Nicole French said that the Marshall White Women’s Network is a community of incredible women who support each other by sharing their collective experiences, knowledge, skills, and strategies, to help each other achieve their career goals in a respectful and inclusive workplace.

We asked some of Marshall White’s amazing female leaders how they believe they can help break the bias in 2022.

Paula Matlock
Director, Property Management

“I’ll help build a strong female community at Marshall White by forging a path of diversity and equality within the company, to empower individuals to reach the success they strive for. Over 90 per cent of team members in my department are females. Working in the industry for over 35 years, I have had to work hard to be heard with the gender imbalance. There’s a reason why John Gray’s book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was so successful. We are astringently different. I believe as a female Director of the company, I show a side that is compassionate, empathetic, vulnerable and supportive to everyone I work with, not just with my female colleagues but other minority groups.”

Larissa Resetar
Sales Executive, Port Phillip

“I’ll help build a strong female community at Marshall White by raising awareness around positive outcomes achieved by gender diversity. We must value and celebrate our differences and their constructive impact. Females often contribute in ways that are not measured or recognised but which result in a more profitable business.”

Linda Linmeiers
Business Development Manager, Manningham

“I’ll embrace and drive change by championing diversity and women in business. As a woman who started my career in real estate in the 80s when it was very much male-dominated, I’m glad to say we’ve come a long way since and I’ll continue to help build a working environment that inspires and empowers women of all ages and backgrounds.“

Nikki Van Gulick
Sales Executive, Boroondara

“I’ll be a strong role model by leading by example. Having two career-driven daughters myself, it is important to mentor and build confidence in women, allowing them to have control of their own destiny. I believe in open communication about goal setting on a personal and professional level. Talking about my own experiences, and some of my successes in breaking the barriers, can be helpful to the younger team members. It is important to provide career growth and longer-term management opportunities for all women.”

Amy Todisco
Business Manager, Bayside

“I’ll support and mentor my colleagues by always being inclusive of everyone and available to help with any situation that may arise. I love being able to share my experience and knowledge in a positive way and I’ll continue to encourage all team members, whether male or female, to embrace and nurture their own strengths and talents, so that together we can achieve our goals.”

Louise Lupton
Director, Mornington Peninsula

“I’ll help drive change within the real estate industry by empowering women to believe in themselves and reach for their goals. If you do the work, you will reap the rewards. It’s ok to make mistakes, find the lesson in it and learn from it.”