May 26, 2022

Agents & Their Spaces – Andrew Hayne

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With a career in real estate spanning in excess of 30 years, we caught up with Stonnington Director and Auctioneer Andrew Hayne at his home in Armadale...

Director Andrew Hayne may be well regarded as the leader of Marshall White’s highly successful ‘Team Hayne’, however away from the office, he is just one quarter of another incredibly strong and united team, this one known as ‘H4’ – the Hayne Four.

H4 is made up of Andrew and Carrie, who have been married for 27 years, and their children Tom, 23, who is a Marshall White sales agent, and Chloe, 21, a visual merchandiser.

“We are definitely a tight-knit unit. We all love to work hard but we are very playful and have lots of fun too,” says Andrew from ‘H4HQ’, his lovely family home in Armadale, built just two years ago.

The ‘play’ aspect is apparent throughout, from a commissioned life-sized bronze garden statue of children at play, to Dr Seuss inspired wall art, a large ‘H4’ sign affixed to the wall of the alfresco dining zone and a basement level that includes a 1500-bottle glassed-in wine cellar, a full-size billiard table, a pub-sized wet bar, and a pristine 4-car garage with auto turntable, lined with bicycle racks.

The architecturally stunning tri-level residence is the tenth home the Hayne family have owned and lived in over the years, and the first one they have ‘built from a scratch’.

“We have renovated many Victorians and Edwardians before. Renovating a period home is easy because you just add something on at the back – but we had an architect for the first time here, because it was a complete new build,” Andrew said.

Right from the start, Andrew and Carrie knew that buying and selling homes would be their ‘life’.

“I married a builder’s daughter,” Andrew says matter-of-factly. “We bought our first house together in South Yarra, lived in it for a few years then renovated and sold, and we really got the taste for it. So, we put a plan in place early in our marriage that this is what we would do.”

“We really enjoy the entire process – from sourcing the property, to designing the changes, to getting the floorplans done. Carrie is an exceptional interior stylist, so she takes care of all of that, and Chloe definitely takes after her, so they both had input in the interiors of this new house.”

Andrew’s keen interest in property has proven to be personally, professionally, and financially rewarding.

“With real estate you grow with your database, so I really had to put in the hours when the kids were young. Likewise, our houses have grown with the family. Carrie and I are a ripping combination – I wouldn’t have achieved half of what I have been able to in real estate without her support. Buying, renovating, and selling property has really set us up for our future and it has also made me better at what I do at work. There was one stage where we turned over three properties in five years, and I used to get phone calls from potential clients asking, ‘are you the renovator guy?’. It’s really taught me so much and I’m much more empathetic with clients because I know what they’re going through.

Andrew admits that after more than three decades in the industry, with 27 of those years as part of the Marshall White family, he is a person who ‘lives and breathes real estate’.

“I just love every bit of the business. Marshall White really is ‘family’ to me, and I reckon, I’ve got pretty much the perfect job in the industry. I do like to play hard, but I am a very planned and structured person. I’m definitely goal orientated so I love the auctions, I love helping people achieve their goals. You’ve got the vendor’s biggest asset in your hands – it’s a big responsibility. There’s definitely an adrenalin rush.”

Having seen many ‘booms and busts’ and ‘peaks and troughs’ throughout his long career, Andrew has his own philosophy on the current state of the market.

“The market is always in a cycle. It can be long or slow, small, or fast but it’s always a cycle. I’m a big believer that the market doesn’t set the price for the property – every property sets its own market. If you get the presentation right, the marketing right and you get the pricing right – you’ll get a good result.”

“Real Estate is a dynamic industry, lots of highs and lows and right now, helping my team achieve their goals is one of my main goals. It’s very satisfying to see them putting in the hard yards then having a good week, a good month, and a good quarter.

Andrew accepts that a career in real estate can be 24/7, but that it’s important to be able to plan for ‘time out’.

“My nickname at the office is ‘Holiday’, short for ‘Holiday Hayne’ – as for a while, it always seemed like I was a planning a holiday. One of the best decisions I ever made, when Tom was nearing the end of primary school, was that I wouldn’t work school holidays – so even though I would be crazy busy during term time – the kids and Carrie knew that during school holidays I would be there for them.”

The Hayne family love spending summers together on the Mornington Peninsula. Andrew, a self-described ‘mad golfer’ has been a member of Sorrento Golf Club for almost 40 years, and the family enjoys boating on the Bay.

Andrew, a keen cyclist has completed half a dozen 1000km charity rides for Chain Reaction, personally raising more than $300,000. Tom is also now involved in cycling.

Back at Armadale, Andrew’s favourite spot is the sun-drenched, alfresco courtyard, sitting around the outdoor fireplace, underneath the H4 sign.

“This place was a godsend during COVID,” Andrew said, of the contemporary, Drew Cole designed house with a home office, stunning Dekton kitchen with butler’s pantry, and north-facing indoor/outdoor living areas surrounded by walls of bi-fold glass. The landscape-designed gardens feature lush, vine-draped arbours, and mass plantings of white hydrangeas and star jasmine.

Andrew said he had been looking for the perfect site to build his family dream home for some time, and that the build was four years in the making from purchasing the site to moving in.

“To us, Armadale is the heart of Melbourne, and to be fair, two years in, I can’t say whether we enjoy the house more or the location more. We love it here for now, but Tom has recently moved out into his own place – so things change, your needs change.”

If Andrew and Carrie do decide to sell and move again – for the eleventh time – there’s no doubt that the H4 sign, the bronze statue, and all the other precious family items that together create H4HQ will be joining them.

For the Hayne family, home is certainly where the heart is.

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