March 22, 2019

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Combining a wealth of experience in the property industry, Team Parker, comprising partner and auctioneer, Robin Parker, and sales executives, Kate Fowler and Kylie Block, is a force to be reckoned with.

Combining a wealth of experience in the property industry, Team Parker, comprising partner and auctioneer, Robin Parker, and sales executives, Kate Fowler and Kylie Block, is a force to be reckoned with. The team operates with a strong focus on family homes in Bayside, and each of them has an affinity to the area, being local residents themselves.

‘For me, it’s all about the fresh air and being close to the bay,’ says Robin.

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in real estate, Robin’s relaxed, easy going nature and warm sense of humour are perfectly matched to the laid back lifestyle living in Bayside affords. Well known locally, Robin is a keen surfer and active community member, with a genuine desire to help people realise their real estate dreams.

‘You have to have a passion for the work. You’ve got to be really energetic all the time,’ says Robin.

After moving from London to Melbourne over a decade ago, Kate gravitated towards Bayside.

‘Originally I’m from Yorkshire in the chilly north of England, so for me the proximity to the beautiful beaches, climate and the light is what makes Bayside so appealing. Our work lives are busy and high energy, so I find the opportunity for a relaxed lifestyle and slower pace during our “off” time very appealing,’ says Kate.

Kate’s former career specialising in sales and marketing with some of the world’s finest boutique hotels and chains armed her with a distinguished set of skills directly transferable to her role with Marshall White. Having lived and traveled abroad extensively, Kate has a unique and empathetic approach to real estate.

‘I still pinch myself when I look back at some of the opportunities that experience afforded me and the superb locations I was able to live in and travel to. Now though, being able to live and work locally is hugely appealing and means I’m never too far away from the children,’ says Kate.

Relishing the tranquil Bayside lifestyle, Kate takes full advantage of the local drawcards.

‘My favourite things to do include enjoying a pastry and coffee on a Sunday morning at the Zeppelin Bakehouse on Bay Street, walking the dog in an off leash park or at the beach, or simply hanging out with friends over a bottle or two of wine,’ says Kate.

Twelve months ago, Kylie, the newest member of Team Parker, embarked on a career change, which led her to Marshall White. With a background in consultancy, human resources and sales, Kylie was well equipped for a career in real estate. Residing in a renovated Californian bungalow in Hampton, Kylie enjoys spending her down time at both the beach and at home.

The team operates with a strong focus on family homes in Bayside, and each of them has an affinity to the area, being local residents themselves.

‘I love relaxing outside at home, having a barbecue and a glass of wine with friends, watching the children in the pool,’ says Kylie.

A typical day for Team Parker is a busy one involving anything from sales meetings, training sessions, touching base with buyers and vendors to organising appraisals, open for inspections and auctions.

‘I think anyone looking in sees our exciting Saturdays and the auction day and probably doesn’t realise the sheer amount of work required to get to that point. From the hours spent with suppliers to ensure the property looks and feels market ready, the calls to our database to get buyers there to view in the first place and the meticulous buyer follow up – it’s these behind the scenes activities that take the majority of our time,’ says Kate.

Having been involved in many successful sales together, a standout home for both Robin and Kate was 31 Holyrood Street, Hampton.

‘This address still maintains a Hampton residential sales record but aside from that, it was the wonderful contemporary architecture that remains with me – simple, sleek lines and angles that showcased wonderful light and areas of space. The interior designer captured such a sense of calm too and it all just came together so beautifully. Sometimes it’s the more modest homes that resonate with you too, just because a family may have lived there for 30 to 40 years and its full of wonderful memories. Being trusted to sell such cherished homes leaves you with a real sense of pride,’.

In the changing market place, the team remains optimistic about the future of the industry.

‘I’m observing a higher volume of females entering our industry. We have been so male dominant for so long and I think the females bring a very different dynamic. We have female auctioneers in our company too, which is great to see. I’m not heading in that direction myself, but it’s there for the taking now for those that are interested,’ says Kate.

Robin notes with the market returning to a more balanced environment, there are excellent opportunities for both buyers and sellers, and these can be easily identified with sound planning, strategy and execution.

Team Parker’s final advice to buyers currently considering a move?

‘Stop analysing too much of what the market will or won’t do. We meet so many buyers who are waiting for the perfect time to buy, when they believe they will get the best possible value, that they let the good ones slip away. Buy when you find the right opportunity for you and not when you think the market conditions are right.’