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Real Estate Market News
Above Average Market Moving at A Rapid Pace
As buyers and sellers try to make up for lost time during Melbourne’s hard lockdown period, we have noticed in the last few weeks the transaction time for homes on the market is coming down at a rapid pace. In a year where nothing has been the normal, more property is changing hands off market than ever before; homes that hit the market are selling faster than ever before; and buyers anxious to get in and get on with their purchases, are buying sooner than before.
With less than 10 weeks until Christmas it will be interesting to compare the days on market for property across various price ranges in the next couple of months. What we do know right now is that agents and property managers are finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the time and labour intensive nature of the Stage 4 conditions for inspecting properties. But, it is a great problem to have especially with the strong levels of demand. We are more than happy to be back working and accommodating everyone’s requirements.
We again send our sincere thanks to our frontline workers who continue the battle to keep us all safe and we hope in coming weeks those who haven’t been able to get back to work, like us, can also do so as soon as possible.

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