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Real Estate Market News
A Devastating Blow to All Consumers

Last Sunday’s Father’s Day announcement that effectively shut down the property market until at least the end of October was a cruel blow to consumers across all demographics.

Struggling unemployed tenants, mum and dad landlords with mortgages, buyers who have bought and need to sell and vendors who have sold and settled but have nowhere to go, are just some of the Victorians caught in limbo.

Providing shelter to all Victorians (in fact all Australians) is an essential service and our industry has demonstrated in the past that it can be trusted to assist vendors, buyers, tenants and landlords on a private one-on-one basis under COVID-safe conditions.

We ask the Andrew’s Government to reconsider the date proposed to reopen, in fact, to bring it forward to September 28 in line with the re-opening of the majority of the building industry.

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