May 17, 2023
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5 Tips for a Winter Sale

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If you’re waiting to sell your property in spring, it may be worth reconsidering.

Marshall White Sales Director, John Bongiorno, says, “Given current low stock levels, population growth, and foreign buyers returning to the market, selling in the winter months may have advantages. Regardless of the season, people move home according to their ever-evolving life situations, so it makes sense to get your property ready for selling now.”  

The current supply-to-demand ratio certainly favours winter vendors, with buyers competing for fewer homes on the market and potentially driving prices up on auction day. Buyers searching for property during winter are motivated with serious intention to purchase, therefore, vendors will likely find a captive audience. If your home is ahead of the spring market, you will benefit from targeted exposure to your ideal buyer pool. 


Below are our 5 tips for selling your home in winter.

Employ a strategic marketing campaign 

At any time of year, a strategic and comprehensive marketing campaign is essential to attract both active and passive buyers. If time allows, your real estate agency can organise photography of your garden in warmer months to use later in your campaign so prospective buyers will see it at its best. On the other hand, winter’s softer light and muted colours can create an appealing contrast against your home’s warm interior. Your agent will help you decide the best strategy for your unique circumstances. 

Impress with your kerb appeal  

First impressions count, especially in winter. Elevating your home’s street presence is an effective selling tool. Ensure your garden is neat and tidy, clean or upgrade your driveway surface, and undertake repairs to paving, gutters, paintwork, and outdoor furniture. If you’re selling a heritage home, honour its history by restoring or replacing damaged period features. Landscape lighting also enhances your property’s street appeal; try illuminating a pathway or adding accent lighting to trees or the house.  


Create a cosy environment 

Create a warm and cosy haven using earthy or bright shades and a combination of textures with plush rugs, chunky throws, and tactile cushions to add impact. Ensure your home is well-lit; replace dull lightbulbs with LED lighting, and switch on floor and table lamps to evoke a warm glow. Keep heating on at an inviting temperature and light your open fireplace during inspections. You may wish to consider hiring a property stylist to help you present your home in the best possible light. 

Offer flexible inspections 

Where possible, plan your open for inspections when your property will get the best morning or afternoon winter sunshine to maximise your home’s warmth factor. Flexible inspection times also expose your property to more potential buyers and can increase your chance of a successful sale outcome. Real estate agents have experience with selling properties in every season, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

Highlight winter living spaces 

Presenting to prospective buyers how they can utilise your living spaces regardless of the weather can be a strong selling point. Highlight rooms such as retreat areas and media rooms, or any space that people are inclined to use when it’s cold and dreary outside. Also, show how your outdoor spaces can be used over the colder months; add an outdoor rug, cushions and throws, and turn on any outdoor heating you may have during inspection times. 

By implementing a few ideas, preparing your home for a winter sale may just increase your chances of attracting the right buyer for your property and achieve an outstanding sales result. Contact Marshall White’s expert sales team today to help you determine if a winter sale is right for you. 

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