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Where urgent repairs are required and it is outside of Marshall White business hours please contact the below approved tradesperson directly.

We recommend referring to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page as a preliminary step before contacting tradespeople.

Please note that at Marshall White Property Management our primary concern is for the health and wellbeing of all in our community. We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and health of our clients, trades-people and field workers. For more information on current circumstanced, please visit our COVID-19 page or refer to the FAQs here.


100% Plumbing
03 9428 8556

Mount Waverley Plumbing
0417 393 537


1300 224 448


0418 558 860

0418 132 221


Glazing Works
0457 421 125

Hot Water

100% Plumbing
03 9428 8556

Fault & Emergencies

Gas Emergencies Services
13 27 71

Citipower Faults
13 12 80

Water Faults

South East Water
132 812

Yarra Valley Water
132 762

City West Water
132 642


Please refer to the below before calling any tradesmen. We also suggest you consult with any instruction manuals (google if you do not have any) before calling about appliances. For electrical issues, please always check the mains to ensure there is not a tripped switch/blown fuse, there may be a faulty appliance or you may be able to isolate the issue by not using the faulted area but still having power to the rest of the house.


Split Systems

Filters require cleaning/vacuuming on a regular basis, at least every 6 months. Batteries require changing in remotes, this can be the cause of units not working. Consult an instruction manual, is the unit on the correct setting?
Your Aircon will not work efficiently when it’s over 35 degrees outside. You will not be able to get the unit to cool your property to 18 degrees so do not expect this to happen. Please set to around 24 degrees on these extreme hot days to avoid damaging the unit.

Locks Sticking/Stiff

Use graphite to lubricate. Have you had a new key cut? It could not be quite the right fit.

Smoke Detector Beeping

Replace the battery if you can.

No Water

Check meter, has it been turned off? Check with your neighbours/other residents. Perhaps there are temporary works within the complex. Call your water company to ensure it hasn’t been turned off in the street.

No Hot Water

Is the unit gas? If so, has the pilot light gone out that you are able to relight? Check with your water company water hasn’t been switched off in the street or your gas company if the unit is gas.

Check the unit itself, if it’s an electric instantaneous and showing an error code, trouble shoot with an instruction manual also try switching the HWS mains switch off for a few minutes and back on again to see if this re sets.

If an outdoor unit, is water coming out of the unit? If so a plumber is required, if its an electric system an no water is coming out of it then chances are an electrician is needed, if gas then generally a plumber is required.

Oven Not Working

Is the child lock on (key symbol)? Have you set the timer? Some ovens require this to be done before they will work. If the timer is flashing, it needs to be set. Check mains to see if switch has tripped.

No Heating

Is the unit gas, could the pilot light have gone out that is easy to relight? Please refer to loss of power or no gas below.

Loss of Power

Contact your distributor to see if there are any faults. Contact your retailer to ensure there are no issues with bill payments. Check the mains switches to see if the safety switch has tripped. You can turn safety switch back on and test appliances one at a time, if it goes off again, you should be able to determine the appliance or area that is the issue and isolate the mains switch to that particular area only on the mains switch board so you still have power to other areas. Has a fuse blown? Sometimes too many appliances used at the same time can cause a fuse to blow or an overload.


No Gas

Check your meter, has it been switched off? Contact your provider to ensure it hasn’t been switched off in the street If living in apartment buildings, check with the Owners Corporation that there are no faults in the building.

Leaks Inside or Outside

Please locate water mains and turn the lever off until a plumber can attend.

Gas Smell or Potential Leak

Please locate gas main and turn the lever off until a plumber can attend.

No Internet

Contact your provider.

Blocked Sinks/Drains

Have you cleaned out any hair? Have you tried a drain clearing product such as draino? Have you tried a plunger? The majority of blockages are caused by what is being put down the drains which will be tenants responsibility if the cause is hair, food, oil etc.

Auto Garage/Gate Not Opening

Have you changed the batteries in the remote?

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