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One Lakeview
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Anticipated Settlement:
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November 2023

Dear Purchasers

The works on your townhouses are now at completion with settlements taking place in stages

You will be advised by direct email when your townhouse is ready for valuations, then pre settlement inspections. Official notification of settlement trigger will be sent to your legal representative first, followed by an email from us.

Valuations are commencing, Town Homes 8 – 19 and are ready for a valuation now

Please follow this link for moving in procedures One Lakeview

Should you have any queries regarding the project, please direct them to Tania Torres from Settlement Solutions at [email protected] or 0477 015 826.

Journey Stages
Your Finance Option
Approximately three months before settlement you should confirm that the financial options offered to your at the time of sale, are still available to you to then settle.

If you’re looking for finance alternatives, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.
Valuations Happen
Either the Settlement Company, the Project Manager or the Developer will let you know once your apartment is ready for your financiers valuer to now inspect.
Your Inspection
Our construction updates will countdown the time till settlement . The same settlement team that facilitated your valuers inspection will then invite you to conduct your own pre-settlement inspection.

You typically only get one inspection prior to settlement, so it’s important to make sure that everything is covered the first time.

Ensure you note any defects during your inspection and that they are then passed to the builder to begin rectification.
The weeks leading up to settlement
Both your and the developers legal representation now liaise whilst the Occupancy Permit and Titles are issued. When this happens settlement will be ‘called’.

If you haven’t already done so , introduce your funder to your legal representative, ensuring that there are no last minute delays.

Check in with the settlement team to get an update on the rectification of those previously noted defects.

It’s important you know where the keys can be collected once settlement has gone through.
Settlement Day
Your own legal representative should advise you once settlement has taken place.

The vendors legal representative confirms with their own client that your property has settled and so the keys are then yours to collect – congratulations!
Following Settlement
You’ll need to take care of your services and get to know your groups Owners Corporation manager, so they can assist you with any queries or concerns going forward.