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Our Partnership with You Matter

New partnership helps family violence survivors rebuild their lives

A heart-warming initiative that provides survivors of family violence with a warm and welcoming space to begin rebuilding their lives will be strengthened due to a partnership between Marshall White and You Matter.

A heart-warming initiative that provides survivors of family violence with a warm and welcoming space to begin rebuilding their lives will be strengthened due to a partnership between Marshall White and You Matter.

Marshall White Foundation is delighted to have recently joined forces with You Matter, a Melbourne-based volunteer organisation that transforms empty houses into ‘havens of hope and recovery’. With the help of caring volunteers, donated home furnishings, from white goods to decorative items and from linen to cutlery, are installed in homes for women and their families who have been forced to relocate after fleeing unsafe domestic situations. 

Paula Matlock, Director, Property Management & Foundation Trustee said that after spending a volunteer day with You Matter and gaining a first-hand understanding of the service they provide, she was eager to endorse the charity that assists survivors as they transition from emergency to long-term accommodation.

“On my volunteer day I helped create a Haven. It was heart-warming as we physically set up a whole house, including pantry items, all of which were donated. We filled the vases with flowers, fluffed up the cushions and made the Haven a comfortable home for the clients.”

Maxine Gross, Co-Founder of You Matter said that the women and families You Matter assist are in the midst of one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives, and that the service they provide is designed to ease a little pressure and hopefully provide comfort as they move into their new home.

“On top of the emotional stress, financial strain and maintaining work and schooling, thinking about purchasing furniture and appliances is often at the bottom of the list of priorities. You Matter steps in to supply all of the necessities required for a functioning family home, and then builds on the space with decorative items to turn the homes into Havens,” Maxine explained.

“We really take into account each individual circumstance when setting it up. We work with family violence agencies, and we get a lot of details regarding the client, everything from their favourite colours to the ages and gender of their children, so we can pick from the lovely decorator items that people donate, and we’ll match colours as well as cultural needs,” she added.

Everything You Matter provides to the survivor is theirs to keep.  

“We want the survivors to know that all of this is for them, they deserve it and they’ve earned it. It’s part of restoring a little of their dignity and pride in themselves,” Maxine said.

Now in their second year, You Matter have furnished over 82 Havens and Maxine said that support of Marshall White meant the organisation could now help many more families in need.

“We are thrilled that Marshall White have pledged their ongoing support, not only by providing incredibly important financial assistance through their Foundation, but also with practical support and staff engagement. By raising awareness of what we do, Marshall White staff can support us by recommending vacating renters or vendors donate quality household goods, and some, like Paula, may choose to help by volunteering with You Matter,” she said.

Paula added that the partnership was already off to a great start with the Marshall White Women’s Network lending their support.

“We raised $4,000 for Your Matter at our recent network event,” she said.

For more information on You Matter, and the wonderful work they do, please visit www.youmatter.org.au

‘Give A Gift Card’ to support You Matter families this Christmas

If you would like to support women and families in You Matter Havens this Christmas, please do so by sending a voucher or gift card to to PO Box at 1059 Richmond North 3121 OR donate directly to https://youmatter.raisely.com/ to support our Havens for recovery.

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