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Marshall White Property Management – It’s the Busiest Time of the Year

Summer is traditionally the season when Marshall White’s Property Management team are at their busiest.

Summer is traditionally the season when Marshall White’s Property Management team are at their busiest.

People are on the move! The main reason is that the school and university year is over, and renters want to be settled into a new home before the start of the first term or semester. Also, it’s when people usually take extended holidays or change jobs, so they have the time to make the move.

But this summer is expected to be busier than ever.

Over the past two years, many people have held off on moving due to COVID restrictions, but now that this has lifted, there’s a sense of normality and renters are once again able to inspect properties more freely.

Also, on the back of a very active sales market, many people who have sold their homes have chosen to delay re-purchasing in favour of renting while they decide where and how they want to live – whether that be in a new suburb, region or perhaps to downsize or upsize.

Others may realise that the property they leased a year or two ago is no longer suitable. People are wanting ‘a change of scenery’ after being in their homes for so long. They want more space (especially outdoor space), and with work-from-home continuing for many jobs, people are looking to rent a place that suits those needs.

And added to that, with our international borders re-opening to ex-pats and international students, a new influx of renters is set to hit the market over the coming months.

Marshall White Leasing Consultants Renee Hewstone (Stonnington) and Melissa Baile (Port Phillip) took some time out to share their tips on how they plan to survive this year’s rental ‘silly season’.

How do you manage the extra workload and still provide great customer service and Christmas cheer?

Renee: Often during the busier times, I find coming into the office a bit earlier for an ‘hour of power’ to take care of those emails and call backs can really free up some time. I’ve also found lately that a lot of clients are far more responsive with a quick SMS. It goes without saying that being organised and able to prioritise tasks is very important and you need to be honest about your schedule and able to manage expectations accordingly.

Melissa: You need to start your morning off right, whether that is with a coffee, a walk, or a swim. Also, take little breaks for yourself so you can refocus and get into a clear mindset. No one can stay focused 100% of the day and you tend to be more productive if you allow yourself a short breather then jump back into it. For me, I take the time to Facetime family or loved ones in the car between inspections. “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear” – except instead of singing, just being very friendly and jolly to people – because they will often be kinder back!

What advice do you give renters about how to manage the stress of moving at this time of the year?

Renee: Pay for a professional cleaning service! It’s worth every cent and that way you can focus on the property you are moving into. Also ensure all your utilities are connected or are able to be connected on the dates you need, keeping in mind public holidays and the extra time that may be required.

Melissa: My advice is always to plan ahead! It’s important to start looking for properties early and if there is a property you really like, don’t wait to apply or it will likely get taken. You also need to make sure removalists are available and have additional funds set aside as the holiday season is expensive. I also suggest having a minimum of a week overlap between properties, if financially feasible, as this can really reduce the amount of stress.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please contact our Marshall White Property Management Team (03) 9822 8711.

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