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Listing During Lockdown

Despite the current Covid restrictions, the team at Marshall White has listed more than 480 properties during this lockdown. Plus, they have helped vendors to style, market and sell their properties, while working within the rules of the law.

“COVID doesn’t stop the fact that some people need to sell their homes, and others need to buy. So, to help all our clients in these challenging times, our agents have come up with some inventive ways of supporting both vendors and buyers”, said John Bongiorno, Sales Director, Auctioneer.

“Although professional stylists, photographers and potential buyers are unable to visit homes during lockdown, that doesn’t mean vendors can’t prepare and sell their homes during this period,” John said.

“Stylists are able to offer a video consultation, and our photography agency has developed a step-by-step guide to taking quality photographs or videos of your home using all the professional tips and tricks that the professionals use. The images can then be uploaded and professionally edited.”

John said that normally he wouldn’t advocate for vendors to take their own videos or photographs but during lockdown everyone is prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get these properties to market.

“Rather than focussing on what we can’t do, we want to look at what we can do,” John said.

With demand still at record highs, properties can still achieve higher than expected results as was experienced by Louise Lupton, Director Mornington Peninsula.

“In the last week I had two vendors who were in the position that they had to sell their homes. I was able to help out by walking them through the video process, uploading the videos to You-tube then connecting with potential buyers to achieve upper-range sales. It reminded me that this is why I do what I do,” she said.

5 Things you CAN do during lockdown to get your property marketed, styled and sold…

1. Create your own ‘home video’ or take your own property photographs ­– contact a Marshall White sales agent for tips and support.

2. Book an online professional home styling consultation – your Marshall White sales agent can help organise this.

3. Transform a room or create an additional bedroom from a spare room or study – your agent will be able to offer advice by video consultation as to what would work best for your property.

4. Hire a handyperson/gardener for outside work – check permissions but currently a tradesperson who works by themselves, outdoors, and can stay 1.5m away from people at all times can conduct outdoor maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

5. Hire a skip bin and do a big clean up – again check current rules, but at present this is permitted. Also pack away everything that is non-essential and put it in storage – your Marshall White agent will be able to help guide you through this process. Many storage company can deliver a storage pod which can be filled and taken away to the storage site.

For further advice regarding listing your property during lockdown please contact a Marshall White Sales agent.

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