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Marshall White Property Management – Working Together with Sales

Marshall White’s Property Management and Sales teams work hand-in-hand to look after you and your rental property at every stage of your real estate journey.

Marshall White’s Property Management and Sales teams work hand-in-hand to look after you and your rental property at every stage of your real estate journey. Paula Matlock, Director, Property Management explains the benefits of a business that has a unified approach.

At Marshall White, our Property Management and Sales teams are committed to working together to achieve the best outcomes for our common clients. This allows us to foster and maintain strong client relationships across both key areas of the business. In the last financial year, Marshall White’s Property Management portfolio was boosted by more than 430 successful referrals from the company’s Sales agents.

It is definitely beneficial for buyers who purchase an investment property to consider listing their rental with our Property Management team. We may be able to use the existing professional photography and marketing material to advertise the property as a rental, reducing the costs and getting the property online quicker. We can also promote it directly to our database of prospective tenants before it settles, which reduces the vacancy period.

Likewise, if a Residential Rental Provider (RRP) advises us that they wish to sell, we will suggest they consult a Marshall White Sales agent.

The benefit for the RRP is that we are able to offer Sales appraisals at the time of a routine inspection or when a rental property is vacant. This keeps owners up to date with the current value and what’s happening in the market.

The laws are complicated when a property that is rented is being offered for sale. Property Management provides regular training –to keep the Sales Agents up to date with the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and the latest changes that could relate to their client. This covers matters such as gaining access or giving notice when the property is sold. If a property for sale is tenanted, Sales and Property Management must maintain close and regular communication throughout the campaign as there are some time-sensitive requirements about issuing the renter with notice.

We are mindful that many of our renters are also owners of properties or looking to become an owner after a successful purchase. As a company we regularly communicate to all our clients, vendors, purchasers, investors and renters to ensure we add value and provide information and service no matter what stage of their real estate journey.

By optimising communication and knowledge sharing between the Sales and Property Marketing teams we are able to optimise our service to all our clients – buyers, sellers, RRPs and renters. We like to refer to it as ‘the left hand always knowing what the right hand is doing’.

Should you require advice on any aspect of leasing your property, contact our Marshall White Property Management Team for assistance.
For more information contact us on (03) 9822 8711.

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