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Celebrating Working Mums in Real Estate this Mother’s Day

In celebration of mothers day, we asked some of Marshall White’s hardest working mums about the rewards and challenges of managing kids and clients, how they hope to spend this Mother’s Day, and to reveal their ‘best ever’ Mother’s Day gifts.

Maintaining ‘Super Mum’ status while forging a successful career has always been a challenging quest  – no matter what the industry. But working in Real Estate definitely has a few extra curve balls thrown-in, which can make the juggling act even more precarious.

We asked some of Marshall White’s hardest working mums about the rewards and challenges of managing kids and clients, how they hope to spend this Mother’s Day, and to reveal their ‘best ever’ Mother’s Day gifts.

Kath Malcolm, Partner, Boroondara, is mum to Lachlan, 28, Sophie, 26 and Emma, 21.

Kate Strickland, Director, Bayside, mum to Zac, 8 months, is celebrating her first Mother’s Day.

Louise Lupton, Director, Mornington Peninsula, is mum to Ben, 22, Sam, 18 and Will, 17.

Paula Matlock, Director, Property Management, is a mum of five – Max, 27, Ollie, 24, Ben, 21, Amelia, 19, and Sophia, 17.

Kate Fowler, Sales Executive, Bayside, is mum to Teddy, 14 and Hannah, 13.

What’s the best thing about being a working mum in Real Estate?

Kath: Showing my children that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it is earned by hard work and a good work ethic. Being a great role model!

Kate S: The flexibility to work on your own schedule is rare as you are a business within a business.

Louise: Being able to work my schedule around my children’s activities.

Paula: Over the years they have all been involved one way or another. Max and Ollie have worked in the leasing team part-time while at Uni, Ben is still working part time assisting the property managers with condition reports and invoicing, while Millie has done data input in the past. Sophia has really grown up in the business and has attended open’s with me as a child assistant!

Kate F: For me it’s about having the opportunity of living and working locally and all the flexibility that brings with it. Teddy and Hannah are now old enough to get themselves to and from school but our Bayside offices are just around the corner from their schools so on particularly wet and rainy days they can sometimes be seen dripping in our reception area waiting for a ride home!

What’s been the biggest challenge about being a working mum in Real Estate?

Kath: Realising that you can’t be everything to everyone and it’s ok to outsource and get the help you need around the house.

Kate S: Demanding clients who want you at any time of day or night so once you have a baby you need to set strict boundaries and be clear with yourself and clients on when you are available.

Louise: I have missed a lot of my boys tennis matches on Saturdays as they have got older due to afternoon competition, which has been tough.

Paula: In the early years it was the weekends and long hours. Property Management can be all consuming and it can be difficult to not take it home with you.

Kate F: Without doubt it’s the hours and the weekend work. Often we are just seen at the Open Homes or on appointments and the general public don’t realise the hours that the rest of our work involves. It’s not easy juggling a 6-day working week with family life although I have been doing it for so long now, I can’t imagine it any other way.

How do you plan on spending Mother’s Day 2021?

Kath: Spending the day with my elderly mother and the kids.

Kate S: With my own mum, sisters and family and all morning with my husband Tom and Zac – we have swimming lessons!

Louise: I am going to wake up and hope that I get a cup of tea in bed, that my older boys aren’t too hung over from the night before, and that we all enjoy a nice lunch together.

Paula: It’s usually a day of doing exactly what I want. It starts out with breakfast prepared by those that are still at home (the two eldest have moved out). A visit to my own mother, a bath, and finish with a family dinner at home – most likely prepared and cooked by my husband with assistance from the kids.

Kate F. Teddy will be playing footy so Hannah and I will walk our dog to watch him play. We’ll also grab a coffee and a bite to eat at one of our favourite cafes and just hang out together. Saying that, Hannah leaves for school camp the next morning ­– so there will be some packing involved too.

Do you have a ‘best ever’ or most memorable Mother’s Day gift?

Kath: Last year’s Mother’s Day was very memorable (in lockdown) as I hadn’t seen my two eldest children for quite a while. It was a Zoom dinner and pretty special at the time!

Kate S: No gift has been received yet as a mum – so we’ll see! But I love taking my own mum out for dinner and to a show. An excuse for great quality time!

Louise: My boys gave me a wooden dove about five years ago and wrote on it why they loved me. It takes pride of place on my desk.

Paula: A hand-made love-heart cushion, with ‘Love you Mum’ on one side and ‘from your daling Ben’ on the other side.  I can report his spelling is much better now and he got above average marks in English in VCE! Also, a voucher from Sophia for ‘breakfast in bed, with a partner of my choice’ ….. not sure where she was going with that one!

Kate F: At junior school it was all the school-made gifts – from photo frames to woven baskets – they were all just so lovingly made and the kids just couldn’t wait to give them to me. I am definitely a sucker for a home-made card over a shop-bought one – and I still have every single gift and card tucked away.

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