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How to Start Your Home Produce and Herb Garden

Creating your own herb and produce garden is a great way of both enjoying fresh and healthy food and working out your green thumb.

Creating your own herb and produce garden is a great way of both enjoying fresh and healthy food and working out your green thumb. The concept of growing your own produce may initially sound daunting, but the process is actually relatively simple. Here are some of the benefits and our top tips to grow your very own fresh herb and produce garden.

The benefits

To begin with, a herb garden only requires a one-time set up. The basics include finding an appropriately sized garden bed or collection of small pots, a sunny spot outside your kitchen window, porch or backyard, planting the seeds, and giving them a little water as directed. Once they’re planted and growing, a herb or produce garden essentially takes care of itself, letting you reap the rewards.

Having access to your own herb garden also encourages you to consume more greens and vegetables, since they are readily available in your own backyard. We’ve all experienced the disappointment when we leave a bag of parsley or spinach too long in the fridge, and a lot of the time the effort of going to the shops may have you missing out on these nutrients altogether. Herb gardens are a great way to ensure you always have access to fresh greens that you can eat more of, when you want it!

Your own personal herb garden is a great cost saver reducing your weekly shop, especially as most shoppers often buy more than they need by way of how quantity herbs are sold in, to how they are consumed. As a side benefit, this will also reduce your food wastage, an important advantage in today’s day and age.

Tips and tricks

Location: To commence this project (a great one to involve the kids with), choose a location with plenty of sun and ample space to expand; an existing garden bed, a large windowsill, porch or balcony with plenty of room to grow up and out, or an above ground garden pen you can add to any surface.

Choosing the produce: Having a chat to your local Bunnings employee can also give you a better insight into what veggies and herbs will best suit your climate, making the set up quick and easy.

Harvesting: Some useful tips for a new herb enthusiast are to pick them only when you plan to consume and collect leaf crops by cutting them within two inches off the ground

The following seeds are widely recognised as the easiest to grow and maintain, our top picks include parsley, spring onion, basil, coriander, zucchini, tomatoes (ideal for a larger space), beetroot, spinach and kale.

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