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Property Management:

Top Tips for Tenants to Maintain their Swimming Pool

While Melbourne’s weather so far this summer hasn’t exactly been pool-perfect, there’s still plenty of time to get those pool hours in. This means ensuring your pool is maintained well and operating properly.

As a tenant you need to be 100% clear with what the arrangements are with the pool at your rental property. Some pools will have an ongoing regular maintenance program by a pool company, some won’t. Make sure you clarify with your Property Manager what the arrangement is with your pool. Regardless, there are three key areas that you as a tenant should ensure are maintained.

Leaves and debris – It’s inevitable that leaves and debris are going to end up in the swimming pool, therefore it’s very important to empty the skimmer baskets on a regular basis – daily if its windy or bad weather – otherwise once or twice a week. For anything that the skimmer baskets don’t catch or any debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool – use a scoop. If the skimmer baskets are not emptied or leaves and debris are not scooped out, they can stop water moving through the pump, filter and sanitiser. This lack of water flow will cause algae. For a pool to operate properly the water needs to be clean and flowing nicely through the pump, filter and sanitiser before being returned to the pool.

Water level – Another key area to look after is the water level. It’s very important that the water level remains high enough so that it flows easily into the skimmer baskets. If the water level is too low, leaves and debris won’t flow into the skimmers and the pump will suck air. Water is lost through evaporation so after particularly hot days it is wise to top up the pool. If you notice your pool seems to be losing a lot of water quickly, contact your Property Manager.

Equipment – The third most important thing you can do to ensure your pool is ready to enjoy anytime is to regularly check the pool equipment. Run the pump to make sure it is working correctly. If your pump has a timer, check that it’s functioning properly. If you notice your pool looking a little cloudy, it may be the equipment – perhaps the pump has switched off or the timer is out, maybe the filter needs emptying. Make sure you are fully aware of how your pool and its equipment works. If your equipment doesn’t seem to be working properly and you cannot easily rectify the issue, please contact your Property Manager.

So there you have it – three top tips to ensure your pool is ready for fun!

If you have any queries regarding property management or leasing, please contact the Marshall White Property Management Team who will be happy to assist. For more information contact us on (03) 9822 8711.

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