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Outdoor Entertaining Trends in 2021

While right now it may be the ideal weather for outdoor entertaining, it’s wise to think ahead to the colder months and plan how to equip your home for entertaining outside all year round.

As we enjoy the warmer weather, many of us are looking to revitalise our outdoor spaces so we can welcome guests into our home. Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular, partly thanks to guidelines around safe gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic recommending that we socialise outside.

While right now it may be the ideal weather for outdoor entertaining, it’s wise to think ahead to the colder months and plan how to equip your home for entertaining outside all year round. Though winter may feel a long way away, retailers in the northern hemisphere reported selling out of outdoor entertaining gear well before the cool change arrived, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Here are a few things that will be essential to throwing a sensational outdoor gathering in 2021.

1. Gazebos

Gazebos can not only add character to your backyard or courtyard, they allow you to entertain outdoors even in inclement weather by providing shelter from the rain. Gazebos can be attached to your home or freestanding, depending on the size of your outdoor space. They can also be permanent structures that stay standing all year round, or portable gazebos which can be packed away and transported to other locations, including public parks. Consider making the structures more visually appealing through adding plants, outdoor furniture and lighting.

2. Fire pits

These are a great addition to not only outdoor winter gatherings, but even cooler summer nights. Fire pits provide a way of keeping toasty while still entertaining outdoors. These have proved particularly popular in the United States, with stores selling out of fire pits months before winter hit. These also come in an array of sizes and can be permanent or portable. Grab some marshmallows and some skewers and get roasting!

3. Cosy outdoor seating

Think about how pleasant it currently is to sit outside at your home. Are your chairs comfortable? Are they in good condition? Do they look good together, or is everything a bit mismatched? Take the opportunity to revamp your outdoor seating. It’s good to have a mixture of places to sit for dining versus places to relax. If you’re looking for more comfortable, lounge style outdoor seating, make sure that it’s made of material that is durable and can withstand the weather. Cushions also make a big difference in terms of the comfort and attractiveness of your outdoor seating, while a couple of throw blankets can make the space more inviting and cosier.

4. Outdoor heaters

Like a fire pit, these are a game changer in terms of enjoying your outdoor spaces in cooler weather! Being able to stay warm outdoors may be highly necessary to keep socialising safely in our homes in 2021, particularly through our chilly Melbourne winters. An outdoor heater, whether it’s a standing gas heater or a strip heater, is a particularly attractive option if you only have a balcony, as they don’t require the space necessary for a fire pit.

5. Ambient lighting

Consider how well your outdoor areas are illuminated. The lighting of a space drastically changes its ambiance, so it’s important to get the balance right if you want to entertain. A mixture of fixed lights, lanterns, string lights and even candles (if safe) can help to make a space more inviting. If you’re entertaining in the evening, remember that too much light can make a space feel harsh and unwelcoming, so consider some softer outdoor lights.

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