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AFL Grand Final Fever Strikes Marshall White

In a year where nothing is normal, AFL had a rocky and interrupted season. While there were early fears that we may not have had a season at all, the relocation of games and teams to the northern states allowed matches to be played and fans to follow their teams, albeit virtually for Melburnians.

For the first time in history the Grand Final this year will not be played in Melbourne. It will still be played on a portion of the MCG’s hallowed turf, but at the Gabba, also bucking tradition, it will be played at night! Many of the Marshall White team are football “tragics” so we thought you may be interested in how some of our most committed football fans (and one former player) are planning to spend Grand Final day.

Die-hard Richmond Supporter

What did you think of the amended AFL season this year?
Initially I was unsure about the shorter quarters but I have really enjoyed most games this season.  It has given me something to watch most nights and something to enjoy each week during the Melbourne lockdown.

Would you normally attend the grand final?
I generally go into the Ballot for a reserved seat and if I get one I will go. There is no chance that I would queue at 5am in the morning for a seat. It also depends on who is playing.

What are your plans this GF night?
As Richmond are playing I may head down to Punt Road and sit in the MCG parklands. A champagne picnic with other Tiger mates and the family this year, may have to suffice.

Who do you barrack for and why? Do all your family follow the same team?
On my side of the family we are born Richmond supporters. My great uncle was the Vice Captain under Jack Dyer in the 1943 Grand Final. He wore the number 4, and an interesting fact …. it’s the only guernsey to have been worn in every Richmond Premiership. I was surrounded by boys in my family, so I spent every Saturday in the 70/80s at the MCG with my brothers and cousins. Dad would leave us in the cheer squad with a $1 note (to buy a can of Coke and a Mars bar) and then head to the MCC bar to join his mates. After dark he would stumble to find us on the hallowed turf playing kick to kick, then drive us home. It’s just what we did!

Who is your favourite player and why?
Dusty Martin – he wears the number 4 and is super exciting to watch (did I mention “Hot” also)! I really enjoy watching Shane Edwards too.

Former Tigers Player

Can you tell us a little about your football playing career?
I played school footy at Geelong Grammar up to 1980 then was recruited to Richmond where I played from 1981-1989. After my VFL career finished I continued playing with Old Geelong FC from 1990-1996.

Why did you decide to retire from football?
I had a couple of knee operations and went from being very slow to really slow.

What were some of the highlights of your playing career?
– Best and Fairest for the Richmond U19’s,
– 3rd Best and Fairest with the Richmond Seniors in 1987,
– Premiers Old Geelong 1990,
– All Australian Amateur Vice Captain 1991

Did you sustain any long lasting injuries?
Not really – just general soreness, I think I may have had too many hits in the head as well!

Did any of your children follow in your footsteps?
Yes, I have three boys and they have all played football at various levels.

When you watch a match now do you just relax and enjoy it, or wish you were playing?
Absolutely wish I was playing. I loved the competition and the comradeship.

What do you think about this year’s amended season?
I’ve loved it. Being isolated at home with footy most nights was a saviour.

How are you planning to spend Grand Final night?
At home with a couple of tasty beverages.

Who will you be barracking for?
(No surprise here!) – Tigers

Big Bombers Fan

What did you think of the amended AFL season this year?
Loved it. To have AFL on week nights in COVID was a game changer.

Would you normally attend the grand final?
Yes. At least every few years.

What are your plans this Grand Final night?
I would love a big post ISO BBQ Grand Final night, for sure, ideally at one of Marcus Chiminello’s pads with Marcus cooking steaks and his special cocktails. Dan Wheeler, Jack Bongiorno and Duane Wolowiec enjoying the spread. Maybe next year?

Who do you barrack for and why? Do all your family follow the same team?
I am an Essendon supporter born and bred. Dad took me to Windy Hill when I was 5 and I never looked back. An amazing club to support for my first 30 years.

Who is your favourite player and why?
Dusty Martin and Patrick Cripps. Genuine ruck rovers who can go forward. Hard to stop. And Jack Riewoldt of course! He’s amazing!

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