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Agents at Leisure:

Successful Working Environments

With the majority of us now working from home, it has become necessary to create a comfortable, productive space to work from. Marshall White Director, James Redfern, describes his working environment and those of successful businessmen he admires.

Working from home for most of us has been a challenge. Some of us find it really hard, some easy. For me it’s about how to get myself motivated to do the work. We’re not surrounded by colleagues and the day to day banter we normally operate under so I need to be motivated by my surroundings more than ever.

I like to surround myself with what inspires me, things, objects and stuff that interests me. This got me thinking about how other people work from their homes, people who I’ve admired over the years and have been inspired by their sense of style. What do their work spaces look like? How do they continue to be so productive?

I have chosen two people I’ve been interested in for over 30 years.

Sir Paul Smith, the British fashion designer, is someone who I’ve admired and been a loyal customer of since the late 70’s – early 80’s. Sir Paul is incredibly creative yet loves to surround himself with a lot of “stuff”. It is hard to imagine for some how you can stay focused on the one thing!

Sir Terence Conran, on the other hand, was a designer, restaurateur and business man of some time since the early 1960’s. Sir Terence was responsible for making stylish homewares and home décor available to the wider market and the creation of numerous stylish restaurants in London. His working environment was quite different to Sir Paul’s, very orderly, somewhat neat and beautifully layered and displayed.

Both men are wonderfully creative yet their working spaces are quite different.

Sir Terence Conran (1931 – 2020) will be sadly missed for his enormous contribution and influence to the world of design. Passion, energy and commitment, an amazing man.


About the Author
James Redfern, Marshall White Director

Renowned for his sense of integrity and sheer professionalism, James is one of the industry’s most innovative practitioners. As a director at Marshall White, he also heads-up our training program, passing on his accumulated knowledge to new generations of real estate practitioners.
View more about James here.

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