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Creating an Indoor Garden Oasis

An indoor garden is easy to create and something that can be added to over time. But before you start it is beneficial to undertake some research.

Apart from the aesthetic pleasure gained by a beautiful indoor garden, growing plants indoors can also benefit your health and wellbeing. Connecting with nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and the very way plants photosynthesise, takes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen. Some plants can act as an air-filtration system, removing toxins from the air while you sleep. Even your hip pocket can benefit.

A spectacular indoor plant can create the same visual appeal as a piece of artwork for a fraction of the cost.

An indoor garden is easy to create and something that can be added to over time. But before you start it is beneficial to undertake some research. Some indoor plants prefer shade while others thrive in sunlight. Many plants require little attention while there are others that will need more constant care.

If you have plenty of space to fill then large leaf varieties such as Fiddle Leaf Figs or Monsteras will make dramatic statement while requiring little watering or maintenance. These types of plants tend to grow towards the sunlight so they will need to be moved or turned occasionally.

To create a green oasis in a smaller context, shelves or bookcases are the ideal place for plants with hanging foliage. Strategically placed plants such as Philidendrons or Devil’s Ivy can have the effect of a “green wall” as the foliage cascades over the shelves below.

If you prefer plants of a more practical nature then an indoor herb garden is the perfect solution. Herbs such as mint, rosemary, parsley, basil and thyme can be grown successfully inside on a kitchen window ledge where they can be easily accessed for cooking.

If you are interested in creating your own indoor green oasis these local suppliers below can help with advice, as well as a range of plants and pots.

Town and Country in Balwyn have an extensive range of indoor plants and pots, while their knowledgeable staff are happy to offer advice about the type of plants that are best for your particular situation. Pop in to view their extensive range of greenery, homewares, or even stay for a bite to eat at their cafe.

Instead of sending flowers as a gift, an indoor plant is a lasting memory and could also be the start of the recipient’s own indoor garden. Garner in Hawthorn East deliver a range of beautifully wrapped potted plants, planters and accessories daily. They also offer same day delivery.

The Gardeners Corner Store in Brighton sells a large range of indoor plants online. They are happy to assist customers to ensure they choose the perfect plants and pots for their requirements.

Specialising in indoor plant styling for both residential and commercial premises, Ivy Muse in Armadale are the one stop shop for all your indoor plant requirements. During the COVID-19 lockdown they are open for contactless click and collect orders.

The Garden of Eden Nursery in Albert Park can help you design the ideal indoor garden with their selection of plants, pots, garden tools and home wares all available to purchase online.

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