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Looking After Ourselves

During these uncertain and challenging times in our life, Love Me Love You (LMLY) have compiled some tips on looking after ourselves and keeping a positive wellbeing to help you feel a little better and give you a sense of control

Love Me Love You

Love Me Love You (LMLY) is a not for profit organisation that challenges the stigma surrounding mental health. LMLY was founded by former AFL footballer Lance Picioane who himself had suffered from depression before seeking the help that he needed. Utilising the knowledge and expertise of psychologists and counsellors, LMLY have developed a number of programs and pathways to aid and support people who might be fighting their way through challenging times.

Whilst the first time around there seemed to be a bit of a “novelty” element to the lockdown, we may now feel a little differently after months of changing routines and schedules, which has taken a toll on many people’s mental heath and wellbeing. The lockdown will of course impact people differently depending on their employment and living circumstances, but it is important that we all feel supported. Isolation from family and friends, particularly for those who live alone can result in feelings of loneliness and helplessness.

During these uncertain and challenging times in our life, LMLY are here to support us all. Going to sleep, going to work, going to gym, undertaking relaxation time and eating well, all within the confinements of our homes can have a significant impact on our wellbeing. It’s important that though times are certainly tough and we may have heightened emotions, looking after ourselves is of the upmost importance. To help us feel a sense of control during a very uncertain time LMLY have compiled some tips on keeping a positive wellbeing:

Taking Care of Yourself

For many people the pandemic and the restrictions imposed have given us a sense that we no longer have control of our own lives, constantly adapting to new challenges. Restoring some normality to our lives can help reduce the impact of negative emotions. Below are some steps for taking care of yourselves.

Stay active: Set aside time during the day to complete a home workout. This can be anything from yoga to HIIT training. Jump on Youtube and find something new every day.

Find your routine: If you are working from home it is best to set a schedule and stick to it. Create structure similar to what you’d be doing in normal circumstances. Don’t allow work to take over. Get dressed for work and set your hours. Take regular breaks and move from your desk.

Connect with people: Make regular phone calls or video calls to people you know. Set up a virtual coffee catch up!

Be zen: Focus some of your energy towards meditation or mindfulness. These techniques can be very helpful in relieving stress and unwanted negativity.

Get some sun: If possible, get outside a couple of times a day. Vitamin D is vital to healthy living. If you have access to a garden, go out and enjoy it. Only have a balcony? Sit out and read, meditate or listen to a podcast.

Self-indulge (you deserve it!): Run a bath, put a face mask on or give yourself a pedicure. Take time to provide yourself with some TLC.

Knock off your household projects: Now’s the time to knock off those household tasks that have been on your to do list. Set yourself a deadline and get those tasks done you have needed to do for a while.

Put your chefs’ hat on: Good nutrition is key to staying healthy. During stressful times this becomes increasingly important. For many people it may be challenging to get some ingredients at the moment. If you’re running low or not able to get certain things, that’s ok, keep it really simple or substitute (Google substitute items). Additionally, have your supplies delivered to help support people’s business.

Think outside the box: Find things that keep your attention. Start planning a holiday, sort out all old photos/videos, learn a new language grab a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle or learn a new skill. It is a great time to learn new things.

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Building Resilience

Exposure to major stressful life events such as the COVID-19 pandemic can trigger extreme levels of emotional distress and trigger mental health issues. Possessing resilience is an important factor in being able to cope and adapt well to adversity. Below are some steps to building resilience:

Develop a “Growth Mindset” – See failure as a normal part of life and an opportunity to grow.

Positive Self-Talk – Be careful how you “talk’ to yourself.

Be Socially Connected – Having at least one close personal relationship is a very important factor in how well Individuals cope with adversity.

Practice Daily Self Care – Regular exercise, good nutrition, and actively engaging in fun relaxing activities are all essential for self-care, mental wellbeing, and coping well in times of stress.

Ask for Help – Sometimes events happen in life that we just don’t know how to cope with, and are just not sure whether how we are feeling, thinking, and reacting are “normal”.

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Working From Home

Now that for most of us our home has become our workspace it is even more important to try to maintain a work-life balance. LMLY have come up with some tips to create a healthier working environment at home:

Get the basics right – Find a comfortable workspace (i.e. lighting, heating, chair, motivating, clean etc.) that, if possible, is dedicated to work. Setting up in front of a window can really benefit productivity.

Keep communicating – Maintain regular communication with people and try set aside time for team activities.

Stay focused – With distractions such as family members, pets and household duties present we can lose focus easily. Try to set boundaries for other people in the house. But remember if you are working at home with a family, embrace flexibility.

Don’t fall into bad habits – When we work from home you can fall into bad habits of not taking breaks, going to bed later than usual or not getting the adequate movement during the day.

Stay healthy – Working from home is a big transition and you may be feeling extra stress due to a combination of the change and feeling isolated, lonely and unmotivated. It’s ok to feel this way and it is very common.

Remember that working from home can have many benefits – It can improve productivity and creativity, improve work satisfaction, lower the time (and cost) you spend commuting and give you greater sense of control over your workday. In the current climate we must look for the positives in life as to help us cope with the challenges we face (i.e. Utilise the lack of travel time for investment in improvement activities).

Read more here.

Even with self-care in place it can get overwhelming.
Reach out to the Love Me Love You Support Pathway via their website and remember, no one travels their journey alone.

View more LMLY self care resources below:

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