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Mother’s Day

In celebration of mothers, we asked four of our property experts, from across the Marshall White team, what they have learnt from their mothers, what they admire about them and how they plan to spoil her this Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day will be unlike any other. While many of us navigate and adapt to life as we know it; self-isolating, home-schooling and seeking out ways to help those vulnerable or on the front line, we are reminded of the many lessons our Mothers have taught us, how they have supported us and the traits and habits we’ve pick up from them along the way!

In celebration of mothers, we asked four of our property experts, from across the Marshall White team, what they have learnt from their mothers, what they admire about them and how they plan to spoil her this Mother’s Day.

Kate Humphreys
Business Development, Property Management

“My mother has taught me to always look on the bright side of life, I can almost hear her singing the Monty Python song as we speak! I admire her strength, energy and passion, I don’t know how she did it! She was single mother raising three children and working two jobs… she always put us first and never gave up, ever.

On Mother’s Day we always get together for a delicious feast (cooked by her three children) and champagne, lots of champagne!

With social distancing it’s a work-in-progress right now. We are planning to deliver her a three-course meal that we will individually be dropping to her door…. I’m on dessert, wish me luck!”

Marshall White – Mother’s Day Gift Guide: While treating mum to a special luncheon looks a bit different this year, you can still indulge her to something equally as delicious by ordering her favourite meal, from one of the many first-class and local restaurants delivering to door at the moment.

Natasha Dickson
Campaign and Advertising Coordinator

“The most important thing I have learnt from mum would, 100%, be to enjoy life and not take anything too seriously! That, as well as, how therapeutic an epic shopping spree can be!

Her kindness and generosity is incredible! She is the most welcoming soul and it’s all because of mum that our home is the bustling hub for our large, ever-growing family.

I am one of three girls who all love to cook and show off our new recipes, so it’s fair to say that we spoil our mum into a food coma.

This year I have gone into lockdown with my whole family and our partners, so we will be having our usual big Mother’s Day filled with amazing food and wine. It’s in these times which you really appreciate the importance of family.”

Marshall White – Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Now that we find ourselves spending extra hours, cozy in our homes. You might want to treat your mum to a special gift to pass the time. Converting a family photo into a customised jigsaw puzzle will delight any mother and also keep her entertained while staying at home.

Duane Wolowiec

“My mother always impressed on me that manners are important and to treat people the way you would like to be treated in return. Not to sweat the small stuff and remember family is important.

I admire my mum’s strength. She and her brothers spent their first 10 years in an orphanage near Albury/Wodonga. I can’t imagine what that would have been like. She also fought off both breast and bowel cancer during a 10 year period. Even during that challenging period she would always ensure that her family was OK and put others before herself. Tough lady, my mum!

She likes the simple things on Mother’s Day. Catch up, flowers and lunch at her local cafe in Mornington. As long as she is spending time with her kids and grandchildren she is a happy person.

Obviously it won’t be the same this year, but we will FaceTime her or Zoom. She is a social person, like many others, and will not like these restrictions on this special day.

Marshall White – Mother’s Day Gift Guide: At Marshall White, flowers are an undeniable staple around the home, but this year, on Mother’s Day that feels especially so. Many of our go-to suppliers are creating custom bouquets delivered to door, and you can find them here.

Hugh and James Tomlinson
Sales Executives

The Tomlinson brothers are in the unusual position of working in a team with their mother, Rae. They shared these insights on their unique relationship.

What did you learn from your mother? – “Be good to your mother”.

What is it like working with your mother? – “Not as bad as working with your brother.”

How do you like to spoil her on Mother’s Day? – “Champagne and potato chips. Hold on, that’s Rae’s every day! Twice as much Champagne and chips.

What do you admire about your mother? – “Still going strong!! No in all seriousness, her amazing work ethic, boundless energy and being one of Melbourne’s leading real estate agents over the last 30 years while still finding time to raise 4 boys!”

And whether you are spending this Mother’s Day with your mother, you are a mother or you are really going to miss seeing your mother, there are still so many ways to honour her and make her feel special.

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