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Home Floral Trends For 2020

When selling a home, flowers provide an important final touch in styling and presenting a property…

Flowers are an elegant and easy way to provide the final flourish in any interior space. Whether you’re entertaining guests, hosting family for dinner or just aiming to brighten up your bedroom, flowers provide a vibrant focal point for a room that can be easily changed, altering the character of the entire space.

When selling a home, flowers provide an important final touch in styling and presenting a property. Tamasin Crowe, florist at Say It With Flowers in Malvern, explains how flowers can inject life into a home. ‘Bringing nature from the outdoors into the indoors can make a big difference on the feel of a home,’ she says. ‘It creates a nice sense of flow.’

One way of creating this relationship between inside and outside is by using flowers from your own garden in interior arrangements, to make a direct connection between the home and its garden and pay tribute to the home as a whole.

Sally Tanner, florist and owner of Pash Flowers in Brighton, says that the addition of flowers to a styled home for sale makes a big difference. ‘When it comes to dressing a home for sale, having a lot of greenery throughout the home can make it look more lush and inviting,’ she says.

In addition to adding to the visual aesthetic character of a home, flowers can also provide a fresh, natural fragrance to the atmosphere, providing an immediately positive first impression upon entry.

‘Plants and greenery improve the oxygen quality of your home,’ says Sally. This provides a distinctly fresher feel to the ambiance of a home, creating a subconscious positive sensory response to the environment. ‘Perfumed flowers, particularly going into spring, can also offer a quick and easy way to improve a home’s ambiance.’

If having a big vase of flowers on the mantlepiece isn’t quite your style, there are many ways that flowers and greenery can be incorporated into a home’s interior design in less traditional ways

‘Hanging floral arrangements are becoming increasingly popular, particularly if they’re dried and don’t have to be kept in water,’ Tamasin says. ‘People are also creating arrangements just using foliage to give more of a wild look.’

Dried flowers are a huge floral trend in 2020. ‘Last year it was all about greenery, and while that’s still happening a lot in floristry this year, dried flowers are huge at the moment,’ says Sally. ‘They’re long lasting and you don’t need to put them in water, which make them low maintenance compared to some other floral arrangements.’

Tamasin is also noticing the increased demand for dried or preserved flowers. ‘Sometimes, we will preserve flowers and bleach and dye them various colours – usually pink, red or orange,’ she says. Fresh fruit are a

Along with dried flowers, wild looking arrangements are also currently in vogue. ‘We’re doing lots of big vases of just foliage, as well as asymmetrical wild arrangements that look really different from the traditional kind of bouquet,’ Tamasin says. Fresh fruit in arrangements is another emerging trend, to provide an additional natural flair.

At Marshall White, some of our favourite flowers come from Say It With Flowers and Pash Flowers, as well as Ivy and Eve in Albert Park and Panache in Hawthorn. For a natural, charming shift in your home décor, there’s nothing quicker and easier than a touch of nature.

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