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The Rise of Solar Technology In The Prestige Home

With a focus on minimising environmental impact, maximising year round comfort and reducing running costs, sustainability has become an integral aspect of a home’s design in the prestige market

With a focus on minimising environmental impact, maximising year round comfort and reducing running costs, sustainability has become an integral aspect of a home’s design in the prestige market. As concerns about the environment prompt people to shift their thinking, echoing through to the design of their homes, it is becoming increasingly common for high end homes to include solar technology.

We spoke with Craig Nicholls who works in the solar industry about the benefits of solar technology. He explained that while the main motivator for installing solar technology in the home is often saving money, for high end clients there is more weight towards minimising their impact on the environment and future proofing for their family.

‘Prestige clients are often the early adopters. They also have electric cars and they are installing more premium systems where the pay back can be quite a big longer than with solar panels on the roof,’ says Craig.

Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy that can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower our impact on the natural environment. The process of converting sunlight into electricity using rooftop solar power systems produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia has the highest uptake of solar globally, with more than 21 per cent of homes with rooftop solar systems, according to Energy.gov.au. As demand soars for solar technology, there are a range of sustainability standards a home can follow, which have the potential to provide real benefits to the families living in them and to the environment.

There’s a growing interest from high end clients for going further and Craig has noticed a movement towards heat pump technology as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas or electric hot water systems. ‘While it’s been around for a while, it’s certainly becoming more popular. The heat pump system can run from the PV system during the day and saves water running costs, while having less impact on the environment,’ says Craig.

As technology rapidly progresses, there has also been a shift towards installing batteries to complement home solar systems. Without batteries, solar panels are limited in what they can do. Batteries allow householders to capture the solar energy being generated from panels so they can save it for their own usage after the sun’s gone down, or use it at peak periods during the evening when costs are higher. Batteries can potentially also act as a buffer for any future outages.

‘Essentially the excess electricity produced by a home’s solar system can either be directed into the grid, delivering a feed in payment, or it can be stored to a rechargeable battery for later use. Often these same batteries can be used to charge electric cars as well. We recommend packages with complementary solar technologies to our clients to really offer the potential of off grid energy self sufficiency,’ says Craig.

As we continue to move towards a more sustainable future and transition away from fossil fuels, installing solar and other environmentally friendly technology in the home is an effective step towards future proofing your home for your family.

Four homes currently for sale with solar technology:

45 Matlock Street, Canterbury

Incomparable Family Style and Luxury

Auction: Saturday 29th Feb

87 Abbott Street, Sandringham

Family Living at its Finest

Auction: Saturday 29th Feb

14 Mowbray Street, Hawthorn East

The Quintessential Family Residence

Auction: Saturday 29th Feb

171 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury

“Wandin” – Designer Perfection on the Park

Auction: Saturday 29th Feb

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