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The Future of Home Technology

From climate controlled beds to mirrors which make sure you’re not wearing the same outfit twice –  we wrap up the future of home tech from CES 2020.

From climate controlled beds to mirrors which make sure you’re not wearing the same outfit twice –  we wrap up the future of home tech from CES 2020.

The Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas last week with many companies unveiling their vision for the homes and cities of the future. We’ve selected some of our favourite home appliances from the thousands of products that were unveiled at the show.

Memory Mirror

The NeSSA mirror debuted new technology that syncs up with your calendar and takes note of what you’ve worn each day. If you’re going to a group meeting, the mirror will even detect if anyone in that meeting has seen your outfit before.

Smart Cooking Thermometer

Whirlpool launched a probe with sensors that check the temperature of the food and inside the oven. You set the cooking temperature, the type of meat, and how well you want it cooked through an app, and then the app will alert you when the food is ready.

Ultimate Loo

The Kohler Numi toilet has an integrated nightlight to help guide you, open the lid and treat you to a warm seat – then when you walk away it flushes and closes. You can sync it with Alexa to access your own playlist of songs or change the dynamic lighting. There’s also various settings for each member of the family.

Climate Controlled Bed

The new Climate360 smart bed has a ducting system and advanced high airflow technology embedded in the mattress to exhaust trapped air. Through an evaporative cooling process, it provides up to 12 degrees of cooling and can warm your bed up to 100 degrees – decreasing the number of times you wake up.

Customised Makeup Dispenser

The ultimate bathroom accessory from L’Oreal – the Perso scans your face to instantly diagnose and create a morning and nighttime regimen. It also creates lipstick and foundation which blends colour and skincare cartridges to create the perfect shade. The new device can even match what your favourite influencer is wearing or re-create a specific look.

Beauty Refrigerator

With more beauty products and vitamins requiring refrigeration, Samsung unveiled its super-stylish Beauty Cube Refrigerator. It’s been designed for storing toners, lotions and gels vulnerable to heat and light like retinol, vitamins and probiotics. If you want to store is next to your bed, the motor has been designed to be extremely quiet.

Intelligent Yoga Mat

The Yogi-fi pairs with a wearable wristband to give you feedback on your yoga postures and breathing technique. You can enjoy a 270 degree projection view of various nature scenes, gain audio inspiration, listen to soothing music and there’s even aromatherapy dispensers in the mat making this a multi-sensory joy.

Some of these products are prototypes but many are expected on the market within the next 12-24 months. Keep a lookout for these breakthrough tech gadgets to see which could become the next big thing!

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