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Made in the Shade

For many discerning families who enjoy beautiful floor to ceiling windows, window tinting may be the answer to escape the summer heat.

Last week’s 40+ degree day gave us a glimpse of the Summer heat to come – when once again you find yourself shutting the blinds or closing the curtains in an attempt to reduce the heat and the glare. Instead of living in darkness, unable to enjoy any natural light, there is another solution – window tinting.

Window tinting can be installed with relative ease by professionals and while there are various brands on the market, some brands such as the Llumar brand, cut out ninety-nine percent of UV radiation. Think of tinting like a great pair of sunglasses for your home.

For many discerning families who enjoy beautiful floor to ceiling windows, tinting may be the answer – especially for homes featuring statement windows such as this home for sale in Kew and this stunning home in Toorak.

An Architectural Masterpiece Amongst the Trees

Expressions Of Interest Close: Tuesday 3rd December

Stunning Resort Style Living

Expressions of Interest Close: Monday 9th December

Here are the top six benefits of home window tinting

Keeping cooler

Window tints still let you enjoy the view of the outside world while you keep your cool indoors. And that means you’ll be saving money on air-conditioning, too.


You can see out, but people on the outside can’t see in. You and your family can move around your home with a feeling of confidence and security knowing that passers-by can’t see into your private domain.


Some window tints offer a powerful barrier to help hold glass in place in the event of an impact, which makes it more difficult for an intruder to smash through your windows.

Protect your furnishings

Drapes, carpets, rugs, cushions and even timber stains and varnishes lose their depth of colour when their dyes and pigments are destroyed by harsh UV light. But window tinting ensures your carefully chosen decorating features will stay as beautiful as they were when your interior designer selected them.

Be Sun Smart

The Cancer Council recommends window tinting for cars and homes. For those who are especially concerned about the harmful effects of UV, window tinting is a safe bet.

Keep Warm in Winter

Window tints have a reverse effect in Winter – helping to keep your home warm by acting as an insulator and keeping heat in.

Llumar is distributed by MEP Films in Melbourne – visit http://www.mepfilms.com

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