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Le Plonc Armadale

Armadale is home to a luxurious new restaurant which is as beautiful to the eye as it’s menu is delicious to the taste

You may have seen Le Plonc featured in our recent Agents and their Spaces article about Nicholas Brooks.

Located in a 107 year old building that once housed a picture theatre, the sumptuous interior was designed by Greg Natalie and the effect is a unique mix of luxury and a feeling of being home.

Head Chef, Allison Hartmire, has created a menu that takes modern European wine bar cuisine to a higher level of refinement. Allison was formerly the head chef of State of Grace and has 18 years of experience working with some of Melbourne’s most celebrated chefs, such as George Colombaris and Shane Delia.

Allison has shared with us one the signature recipes for Le Plonc’s take on the traditional Baba au Rhum which pays homage to the regular trips to France that one of the co-owners of Le Plonc used to take as a young girl with her father.  Served table side at Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo, the spectacle of the silver dome being removed by a white-gloved waiter to reveal a perfectly glazed, rum soaked sponge was forever etched in her memory.

Allison executes the fluffy sponge to perfection and has put her own take on the dessert with a delicious pineapple compote.  While traditionally served with the same rum that the baba is soaked in, Le Plonc’s Swiss sommelier, Emily David, recommends a glass of Frangelico for a modern twist.



17g Yeast

400g Flour

4g Salt

17g Honey

140g Butter

500g Eggs (approx. 10 large eggs)


4 cups Water

500g Sugar

1 Orange Peel

1 Lemon peel

1/2 Vanilla Bean


300ml brown rum


Weigh all the ingredients.  Place the yeast, flour, salt, honey and butter in a mixer set at low speed.  Add the eggs one by one.  Mix until the dough does not stick to the bowl.  Allow the dough to rest for five minutes.  Portion the dough into 20g balls and place into buttered moulds.  Proof the dough until it reaches 5mm lower than the rim of the moulds.  Place into a pre-heated oven at 240 degrees Celsius and switch off the oven.  Allow the dough to further develop and complete the cooking process at 180 degrees Celsius.  Remove from the moulds and allow the dough to rest.


Weigh all the ingredients and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the rum.  Soak the babas in the rum syrup.


Serve with fresh berries or pineapple compote, Chantilly cream and a glass of the same rum. Or, for a less common, but delightful pairing, pair with a glass of Frangelico.

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