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Hampton Tech Home

A luxury residence in Hampton was recently awarded Asia Pacific’s Best Integrated Home, and we spoke to the man behind the technology to talk us through this incredible project.

A luxury residence in Hampton was recently awarded Asia Pacific’s Best Integrated Home, and we spoke to the man behind the technology to talk us through this incredible project. Steve Thomas of Integrated Technologies Australia, said the home owners are an active family of four with two teenage boys who were building onto a heritage listed property.

“The family’s focus was on comfort, convenience, security, entertainment and efficiency and their interests included outdoor sporting activities, entertaining with friends and gardening,” said Steve. “This project was certainly large scale with all the latest technology in the world, and while we consistently work on projects with similar technology, nothing as yet, compares to this project,” said Steve.

Features of the project include:


Entertainment areas include 15 music zones for streaming audio, 8 TVs and a projector. Two 360 degree swivelling 75-inch TVs are in the outside pavilion area and capable of being viewed from the spa, pool, fire pit and outside kitchen. A golf simulator solution allows the family to turn on 9 separate devices with single touch of a button. The golf room was also designed to facilitate watching movies with surround sound.


There are streaming of security cameras to portable devices, while underpinning home office activities. The security and access control with zoned and monitored alarm system include 16 cameras plus fingerprint scanners to keep the home safe and secure. A design consideration was required to minimize wall control and device clutter while making the home services easy to manage. A data sharing network and comprehensive managed Wi-Fi coverage to all-house/ all property was achieved.

Green Technology

An underground rainwater tank was installed under a grass lawn. All the rainwater captured from the house and the pavilion is stored in the underground tank and this water is used for irrigation, pool and spa. A sensor indicates the level of the water in the tank and provides this information at a touch of one of the user interfaces.

Reverse cycle air-conditioning and floor and panel hydronics included sensors in each heating/cooling zone provides data to both the air-conditioning and hydronic system simultaneously. The home control system automatically controls both heating systems providing the most energy efficient energy solution.

Additional energy saving solutions were specified and installed using evacuated tubes, heat banks and heat exchange units. This energy from the sun is used to heat the hot water, hydronic heating in winter, and the pool and spa in summer.

Technology Integration

“We joined the project team very early and worked closely with the architect,” said Steve, “and this allowed us to work together to specify the appropriate spaces for the system control hardware and cabling”.

According to Steve, the technology is always advancing and changing, the home of the future will have more voice command technology.

“We do install voice control with our projects and this technology is continuing to develop fast with greater improvements that will change the way we interact with control systems in the future,” he said.

For more information:


Or email Steve at steve@integratedtechnologiesaustralia.com.au

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