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Meet The Team: Tahlia Huke

A rising talent in real estate, Tahlia Huke has over five years experience in the industry and is a valued part of the team due to her strong negotiation skills, organisational abilities and empathetic nature

Tahlia Huke is a key member of our property management and business development teams at Marshall White. A rising talent in real estate, Tahlia has over five years experience in the industry and is a valued part of the team due to her strong negotiation skills, organisational abilities and empathetic nature. Passionate about property, Tahlia recently completed an interior design course in her spare time.

Can you give a summary of your experience in real estate/property management?

At the age of 19 I began working in real estate as a property management administration assistant. After six months of administration I transitioned into a leasing role, which I then continued doing for the next 12 months, although I was constantly itching to become a property manager. People called me crazy as I was constantly putting my hand up to complete condition reports! In 2014, Marshall White provided me with the opportunity to become a junior property manager and within three months I was managing a full portfolio. Since joining Marshall White and becoming a property manager I have learned so much about the industry. I recently started my new role in the investment team as Business Development Manager for Stonnington. 

What are your personal thoughts on the 2019 property market for owners and tenants? Trends or anything interesting you’ve observed? 

For the first half of the year, the market has had its ups and downs for both tenants and owners. I work primarily in Stonnington, Richmond and the Melbourne CBD and these areas remain as sought after as ever.

Over recent months, the market has picked up slightly, however tenants seem to not be in as much of a rush and are taking the extra time to find their perfect rental home, inspecting multiple homes over the duration of their search.

Clients have been very patient in allowing us to closely monitor the enquiry of the market and provide rental adjustments if needed, to ensure we are able to secure a quality tenant promptly. When leasing your home of course it is important to achieve the highest result possible, however it’s more important to secure a high quality tenant who will take good care of our client’s property, which is potentially their biggest asset.

When owners and tenants feel as though they haven’t needed to worry about the process, and have had a smooth transition, that’s really rewarding for me

What sort of value does a property manager add to a landlord? Why are they essential?

We provide a landlord peace of mind that the maintenance and upkeep of their investment is ensured, which helps to minimise future issues arising and maximises the rental return on their investment. Frequent legislation changes can affect both parties and could possibly affect monthly rental returns. It is our responsibility to convey the nature and impact of change in a simple and clear manner to our landlords and tenants. Ideally a property manager thinks and communicates logically about legislation and current market forces to avoid emotional and unfavourable outcomes for all.

How do you facilitate a seamless relationship between landlord and tenant?

Understanding that each tenant and landlord have varying expectations and needs and striving to merge these expectations to reach common goals.

What does ‘home’ mean to you? What are your tips for making a property feel like a home?

I like a minimalist home with photos of loved ones, fun and creative artwork, and not much clutter. I love open plan living with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Coming from a close family, we all live nearby.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please contact our Marshall White Property Management Team (03) 9822 8711.

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