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Food Trends

Australia’s top chefs and restaurant owners assembled last week in Sydney to discuss Australia’s upcoming food trends at Fine Food Australia.

Australia’s top chefs and restaurant owners assembled last week in Sydney to discuss Australia’s upcoming food trends at Fine Food Australia. Marshall White was fortunate to get an inside look into the food, flavours and equipment that will start to appear in our kitchens in the year ahead.


Bush tucker and native ingredients are slowly making their way into Australian kitchens and the latest “it ingredient” is pepperberry. It looks very much like a regular peppercorn, however it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. The most delicious and unique way we tasted this wonderful ingredient was in the award winning Van Diemens Land Pepperberry and Leatherwood Honey icecream.

Tonic Syrup

For lovers of gin, this Summer could see you creating your own tonic water. A clever Tasmanian couple have invented a syrup which you add to soda water. Not only do you save on bottles, but you can create the most delicious tonic which really allows your favourite gin flavours shine through. They have four styles from very neutral and balanced to the distinctive Bushfire blend.

Black Garlic

Chef and Author, Christine Mansfield, says black garlic is now an essential part of her pantry due to “its depth of flavour, delicious umani wow-factor and sweet savouriness”. Using controlled temperature and humidity, the garlic becomes caramalised and produces black cloves. You can roll your roast in it, add it to an omelette or just enjoy with biscuits and cheese. Plus – no garlic breath!

Revenge of the Carbs

Thank goodness the carb is back – and it’s not the quantity you eat but the quality. On the savoury side, the humble meat pie is being taken to a completely new level. Some of the Victorian Pie champions were Rolling Pin Pies in Ocean Grove for their Chunky Pie, Parker Pies in Rutherglen for their Smoked Beef and Truffle Pie, Country Cobb Bakery in Kyneton for their Satay Seafood Pie, and closer to home you can try Molly Deane Bakehouse in Bentleigh who won Australia’s best Gourmet sausage roll with their Lasagne Roll.


Meat substitution via plant based “faux meat” is big business. Even burger chain Grill’d offer a two for the price of one deal on Mondays for partons who choose their meat-free offer. Trend forecasters at the Fine Food Show tip more of us will choose these options not necessarily for the love of animals, but for the sake of the environment. While many vegetarians dislike the taste of meat, these substitutes are aimed for the increasing number of flexitarians.

The Perfect Steak

On the other side of the equation is the love of meat. It seems Australians are eating less meat but making sure it’s top quality. For the ultimate carnivore kitchen, try a Dry Aging Refrigerator. The meat ages on the bone with humidity of around 85% and a temperature of 2 °C and can be used for beef, the production of charcuterie, air drying cured ham, dry aging pork and lamb and maturing cheese.

If your local store doesn’t stock this produce, the growers and businesses featured in this article would love you to ask for them to be stocked.

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