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Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day coming up quickly on Sunday 1st September, we hope you find the perfect gift and we wish all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day.

While home-made gifts are always treasured, sometimes it’s nice to supplement the pasta art painting from school with a gift for the discerning Dad. For those Dads who seem to have everything, we think you’ll find something from this list that will help make his day.

Close Shave

Not only a great gift for Dad, but something that will look stunning on bathroom counter top, is Aesop’s Complete Shaving Care collection. Dad can lather up the Moroccon Neroli Shaving Serum with his very own badger hair brush that’s been handmade in England. The double-edged razor glides over his face and he completes his routine with post-shave lotion. The set is priced at $285 and available at all Aesop stores.

The Infuser

For fooie Dads, this infusion vessel is stunningly simple and sure to become a kitchen favourite. The Porthole Infuser was originally a custom piece for the bar staff at The Aviary Hotel in Chicago and was so loved by patrons, the product launched on Kickstarter and reached its manufacturing goals within hours. You can infuse oil, alcohol, tea, coffee or anything your Dad can invent. It’s a unique talking point and available from Top 3 by Design for $238.00

The Perfect Brew

Italian engineer, Alfonso Biareiii, designed and invented this all-time classic in 1933. If your Dad appreciates the real deal, this could be a perfect gift and if he loves something a little different, you can buy the “Alpini Corps” range which celebrates the Italian Apline army with its’ distinctive shape and colour.  For a full range of Biarelli’s starting at $35, visit Coffea Coffee at 521 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Personalised Sound

The Nuraphone is the world’s first headphone to automatically learn and adapt to a user’s unique hearing. Using super-sensitive microphones, the Nuraphone measures the otoacoustic emission (the sound the cochlear creates back out of the ear) to create the perfect sound profile for an individual. Developed by a Melbourne surgeon, the Nuraphone is $499 and available online.

Robe Fit for a King

Dad will certainly make a statement around the home or beside the pool in his new Missoni bathrobe. With signature chevron pattern and made by Italy’s most celebrated luxury fabric makers, we think this “Keith” design is perfect for the Aussie Dad. Made from 100% cotton, this is the ultimate robe for the back of every discerning Dad’s bathroom door. It’s $550 and can be found at Safari Living at 579 High Street, Armadale.

Wind Him Up

Is there is a problem in having too many luxury automatic watches? Yes because if not worn for a day or two, they lose power. The solution is an automatic watch winder which will ensure your Dad’s Rolex’s are always charged and ready for action. Kogan has a winder that will keep two watches in charge for $110. For the ultimate you can try the Liberty Barcelona safe which houses 12 watch winders, however there is a long waiting list so perhaps a Christmas present?

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