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Meet the Team: Annelise Robinson

“Seeing the excitement on a tenant’s face the day they move in is so satisfying, and the happiness from an owner after we have leased a property at their desired price pushes me to continue achieving great results for clients.”

One of our rising stars at Marshall White One, Annelise Robinson is a highly acclaimed member of our team, winning Marshall White One’s Property Manager of the year in 2017. Joining us directly after finishing her VCE in 2015, she has recently started in a New Business Development role. Purchasing her first investment property in 2015, Annelise provides valuable insight on both leasing and managing properties.

What’s your assessment of the 2019 property market, both for owners and tenants?  

At the moment the rental market for Marshall White One is incredibly strong. Properties are leasing quickly, however more than ever before they need to be priced accurately. Should properties not be leased within the first two weeks of listing, it usually is as a result of the market not responding well to the advertised price. We are finding that the market is slightly unpredictable so being cautious of the rental valuations put on properties is paramount so that we are able to meet our clients’ expectations.

What do you do in your role?

I work to forge and to subsequently build relationships with prospective clients and generate marketing campaigns for properties for lease. I try and make the leasing process as easy and stress free for my owners and tenants as possible.

What do you love about it? 

No two days are the same! I love meeting new people and helping people find their new home. Seeing the excitement on a tenant’s face the day they move in is so satisfying, and the happiness from an owner after we have leased a property at their desired price pushes me to continue achieving great results for clients.

What do you find challenging?

Although I enjoy the challenges my role presents me with on a daily basis, I do always wish that I could please everyone. With so many amazing properties scattered throughout my core area of Boroondara I only wish that we had a home for all of the great prospective tenants that I meet. This has perhaps been my largest challenge along with learning not to take things too personally!

What’s been the most rewarding aspect?

What’s most rewarding is overcoming a challenging circumstance to exceed the expectations of my clients. Through continued learning and experience I have been able to develop a large client database and extensive skill set allowing me to often create an outcome above and beyond an owner’s hopes, which is always very rewarding.

What value does a property manager add to the process?  

PMs are able to provide owners with extensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and subsequently provide advice to ensure the most effective course of action is taken in any scenario. We work to ensure the owner can choose to ‘forget’ about the management of their property and rely upon the smooth sailing of a successful tenancy.

How do you facilitate a seamless relationship between owner and tenant? 

I believe the key to a successful relationship between both owner and tenant is ensuring the lines of communication are always open. As their chosen property specialist, I work to troubleshoot as much as possible whilst always providing informed advice in order to maximise each party’s experience.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please contact our Marshall White Property Management Team (03) 9822 8711.
Find out more about Annelise Robinson here.

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