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The Future of Green Homes

There are some incredible green home technologies being developed throughout the world including the following unusual products.

Environmentally friendly homes are increasingly attractive to buyers who are both concerned about the environment and wanting to save money on increasingly expensive energy bills.

Last November’s sale of 8 Hector Street in Brighton highlighted the desirability of environmentally friendly and energy saving features for home buyers. The home included 3kw solar panels, solar hot water, two 5,000L water tanks, hydronic heating, double glazing and electric vehicle charge point but the blockbuster feature was the inclusion of an electric vehicle with the property. The property sold before auction to an interstate buyer who flew over especially to view it and a top of the range price was negotiated.

There are some incredible green home technologies being developed throughout the world including the following unusual products.

Tesla Chief Elon Musk has unveiled solar roof tile technology which look like normal roof tiles but are essentially a small version of a solar panel. The tiles are made of strong tempered glass and although none have been sent to Australia yet, you can reserve yours here.

Pavegen coverts the weight of footsteps into energy, turning kinetic energy into renewable electricity. From train stations to airports and shopping centres, Pavegen can be found throughout the world including London’s Heathrow Airport and Nigeria’s Football Pitch. To find out more about this innovative product click here.

Alongside your feature tree in your front yard, you may want to install a Wind Tree. A French company has developed small vertical wind turbines which act as “leaves” on their Wind Tree. Even in very low wind environments, the Wind Tree can generate power up to 300 days per year. Discover more about the Wind Tree here.

Another French company, Hydrao, has invented a shower head that includes a light which changes colour as you use more water. While the light is green you’re using a modest amount of water, but then the light turns to blue, pink and finally red. There’s even an app so the whole family can view who is saving water best. Find out more here.

AI and Home Automation

The smart connected home will have settings that allow energy to be used in the most efficient way for your family. Your home will know when you’re there and what appliances you use so can make suggestions on how to best use your power. Lights will automatically turn off and devices turned off at the powerpoint when they’re charged.

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