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Defining Zones Within Open Plan Living Areas

Think outside the norm of square or rectangle confines and experiment with U-shaped or circular arrangements to mix things up.

There is no denying the widespread shift over several decades from traditional floor plans towards open plan living. Despite the allure of this style of living, as a tenant it can be difficult to distinguish zones within open plan living spaces without making structural or permanent changes.

Here are our top tips for making any open plan space feel more defined:

Mark boundaries with furniture
In an open plan living area, you can shift furniture away from the walls to a create a cozy nook or reading area. Try moving a couch or bench to a mid-room position to define a section and mark out a space intended for a different use. Think outside the norm of square or rectangle confines and experiment with U-shaped or circular arrangements to mix things up.

Use textured flooring elements
Rugs, mats and carpets can be the perfect addition to add an element of texture to a room. Not only will a rug prevent noise from carrying throughout a large area, it can also define a space. To separate a lounge area, try adding carpet to complement the space where your television and seating are placed. Textured flooring can make a zone feel more relaxed, plus it’s usually easy to clean and if you decide to rearrange it’s an easy item to move.

Choose smart storage options
In an open space, it can be difficult to conceal toys, gadgets or paperwork unless you utilise effective storage solutions. Instead using overwhelming storage units, which may overwhelm an open space, consider bench seating to hide loose items and to also frame a play area. Tallboys and shelving can be useful, but we suggest seeking a combination of traditional and more discreet options to achieve a harmonious balance of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ plan living.

Define with colour
By using contrasting hues, you can create visual barriers without using physical partitioning. If you are renting and unable to give the walls a fresh coat of paint, limit zones intended for the same use to one colour palette. For example, your dining zone could be neutral, whereas your study area could pop with tones of pink to make it stand out.

For more information on prestige rental properties featuring open plan living spaces, please contact the Marshall White Property Management Team on (03) 9822 8711 or see our current properties for lease.

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