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Meet the Team: Lucy Arter

Lucy took some time out with us to discuss the path that lead her to her current role, what a typical working day consists of and why she loves her Elwood home.

Lucy Arter is the Business Development Manager at Marshall White’s Bayside office. With an approachable, positive and upbeat personality, Lucy is revered by clients and her team alike. Lucy took some time out with us to discuss the path that lead her to her current role, what a typical working day consists of and why she loves her Elwood home.

What lead you to your current role in business development?

I started my career approximately 18 years ago as an assistant property manager and then worked my way up to senior property manager and new business manager. I worked closely with Elwood developers when the area was up and coming, which was exciting times! I eventually transitioned to a business development role in a previous company and now I am the Business Development Manager at the Marshall White Bayside office.

How does your background in interior decorating relate to real estate?

I can advise landlords to make simple improvements to their home in order to maximise the rental return on their investment and to modernise or make the home more appealing to potential tenants. Equally, I can assist potential tenants to visualise how they could place furniture within the home. This is often a great leasing tool as some tenants may be unsure as to how the home could work for them.

What do you do in your job?

I assist the Bayside sales agents with rental assessments on homes they are selling that are likely to be sold to investors. I provide future clients with a rental analysis if they are considering leasing their home. Our team showcases newly listed rental homes in the Bayside area to prospective tenants – specialising mainly in high-end corporate family homes. We also provide quality assessment of any prospective tenants, negotiate with the landlord or tenant on any lease terms or special conditions, prepare lease agreements and facilitate the tenants move-in, ensuring the home is prepared and ready to be lived in.

What do you love about it?

Matching a fabulous tenant to a home that they absolutely adore and knowing that they will treat it as their own.

What do you find challenging?

Putting a rental figure on a home that is totally unique.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect? Can you give a scenario or tell us a story/give an example?

My strong and close connection with the sales team allows them to trust me with their most valued clients. I had a situation where a sales agent asked me to look after one of his clients that had recently sold and was now looking to rent. I had just listed a fabulous Bayside home which matched the criteria of what the client was looking for. I managed to lease the home to him at a great rental price and off-market. This also relieved the landlord of stress associated with open for inspections etc.. Consequently, from this great service, I have been directly referred another five corporate homes for rental from the client.

What does the idea of home mean to you?

It’s a place where you love to be. It’s where you feel inspired, relaxed, safe and want to invite your friends and family around. It is where you feel proud of your lovely belongings and memories on display.

Tell us a little bit about your own home and the area that you live in and what makes it special to you?

I live in an art deco apartment in Elwood. I have fabulous cafes at one end of the street and the beach at the other – for me it’s all about being able to walk to things and enjoy a great lifestyle. Elwood village is full of trendy cafes, restaurants and some cool bars. It’s a relaxed location with a sporty, healthy and inspiring feel. It is also just five minutes from Brighton where some of my favourite shops are. My favourite local café is Little Sunflower on Ormond Road.

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