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Autumn Cleaning: the Art of Decluttering

As the longer days draw to an end and the social calendar starts to wind down a little, autumn is the perfect time to get organised and de-clutter those storage spaces that got out of hand over the summer.

If you are considering moving house, then undertaking a clear out will save you an abundance of time when moving day arrives. However, even if a change of location is not on the horizon, discarding unnecessary items and organising neglected or forgotten possessions will create a far more harmonious living environment, making the transition to spending more time indoors during the cooler months much more pleasurable.

We take advice from Marie Kondo, a Japanese ‘organising consultant’, who believes that we should only hang onto those items that bring us joy. Whether you have decided to just declutter your wardrobe, or if you’re tackling the whole house, the key is to not let nostalgia get in the way of what you decide to keep. If an item is only collecting dust then why not let it go?

Kondo also suggests that organising your home is best done by category, not by room. Rather than starting with the study or your bedroom work on smaller ‘bite-size’ projects, perhaps beginning your autumn cleaning by clearing out your collection of books or shoes. This makes the very act of tidying far less overwhelming, can prevent the clutter from traversing from room to room, and you will feel more accomplished as you tick off each category of items.

By auditing your possessions, we can rediscover the things you love and identify those bits and pieces which no longer serve us. The idea is that we will find ourselves surrounded by items we cherish. Spending time at home during the impending Autumn and Winter seasons will therefore become much more enjoyable, when we will likely spend more time rugged up indoors.

The icing on the cake is that in the long run, time spent tidying and cleaning will almost certainly be reduced, too.

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