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Minimalism: An Ideal Movement for Renters

You may have heard the hums of a current buzzword that is fighting the good fight against consumerism and materialism: minimalism.

Minimalism is widely endorsed by hipsters and wellness gurus around the globe, but we believe this trend is particularly suited to the modern renter. Whether you are renting temporarily or long term, the need for flexibility is a place of common ground for all renters alike. We have compiled our top five reasons why every renter should live like a minimalist

Minimal interior style is in vogue

Think Scandinavian style, neutral tones and understated design. Almost every Pinterest board dedicated to home and interior inspiration is filled with images of perfectly-lit minimal spaces. However, minimal does not mean empty. The use of greenery, clever placement and practical yet stand-out pieces distinguishes the inspirational from the ordinary.

It’s cost-effective

By spending less money on unnecessary items you can indulge in other luxuries, like fine dinners, frequent weekend getaways and experiences. If you have any valuable items that you just don’t use, why not try selling them? You could find yourself with a sudden advance in your savings account.

Less clutter, more zen

Studies are constantly telling us that a serene work environment translates to mental clarity and increased productivity. By removing that which no longer serves you from your immediate surroundings, you may find yourself feeling more relaxed, calmer and ultimately more happy.

Gain more time in your day

By owning less items, you have fewer items to clean and maintain. Consider all the time you spend fluffing pillows, dusting ledges and rearranging furniture items, and how much time you could save without the hassle of these chores.

Moving house is easier

We might be stating the obvious here, but it really makes moving much easier if you have less items. One of the biggest positives of renting is the flexibility to move on short notice. If you find yourself changing location often, having less belongings can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

If you have any items you could do without, consider selling or donating these to simplify your life. ‘Less is more’, could be the best advice you have ever received.

For more information on finding a first-class rental property that suits your lifestyle needs contact Marshall White Property Management Team on (03 9822 8711). If you are looking for your next investment see our current properties for sale.

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