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How to Select Art for Your Home

The use of art is a vital element of interior design and can elevate your home by injecting personality, colour and vibrance into any room.

Marshall White works closely alongside interior décor experts who work their magic to maximise the appeal of spaces and transform homes. To curate a collection of art suited to your home and taste we recommend considering the following tips.

Select your colour palette

Choose a colour palette that will complement your space and act as an interesting focal point in the room. Prominent pieces of furniture such as sofas and larger floor rugs are often neutral pieces, creating an excellent foundation for more colourful accents to draw the eye upwards.

Colours have the ability to influence mood and have the power to both calm and energise. A useful starting point is to consider the colours you prefer for clothing. Interior designers and stylists, Cooper Robinson suggest a colourful and bold approach to choosing art. Megan Robinson recommends contemporary artist Kerry Armstrong, renowned for her dramatic use of colour and abstract textured brushwork. For lovers of realism, Chloe Plaininsek offers a more subtle, liveable aesthetic.

Consider scale

The proportions of your room will heavily influence the scale of the works you select. Megan says, ’Large walls can handle large scale canvases and are a great way to add colour and texture.’ Alternately, small pieces can brighten bedside tables, shelves and mantles or be clustered together in a hallway or along a staircase wall.

‘Large walls can handle large scale canvases and are a great way to add colour and texture.’

Try a grouping of prints framed in either matching or contrasting frames for a visually engaging aesthetic. Hunting for George and Norsu Interiors are excellent starting points for interesting and affordable prints.

Choose your medium

Your art collection can include paintings, photographic prints and objets d’art. Forman Art and Framing is a superb resource for original artists, with an additional assortment of prints, suited to any room. Megan recommends, contemporary paintings by Chalie MacRae, striking prints by Melbourne photographer, Christa Lopez White and French photographer Carla Cousen for lovers of florals.

Prior to hanging art, Property Manager, Jayde Lewis strongly recommends requesting permission from your landlord. If hooks are affixed to the wall, they will need to be removed and repainting will also be required upon vacating the property.

Once you have selected the art for your space you will be able to pick complementary soft furnishings to coordinate or contrast with your art, creating the ultimate inspirational interior for your home.

For more information on high quality rental properties to fill with artwork contact Marshall White on (03 9822 8711) or see our current properties here.

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