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How to Navigate your Property Condition Report

As property management specialists, we have seen our fair share of condition reports and we recommend the following tips to successfully navigate and make the most out of your opportunity to review your condition report.

Property condition reports are in most cases completed by your property manager on behalf of your landlord to detail the property’s original state of repair at the beginning of the tenancy. When it comes to moving in and out of rental homes condition reports can prove to be exceptionally useful for setting a record of the standard of the property at the beginning of the tenancy and protecting both parties when it comes time to vacate.

Prior to Moving In

Property managers will typically complete the first version of the report before it is shared with tenants for their comments and amendments. Tenants should check everything, adding in anything that is missing.

In addition to the standard condition report, Marshall White property managers will include photos of the property as a useful visual record for both parties. Either party can also add their own photos and any supplementary documents to provide a more comprehensive account of the state of the property.

It is also important to note that the condition report is not a request for maintenance. To request maintenance a supplementary form will need to be completed and submitted to your property manager.

End of Tenancy

At the end of the tenancy we recommend a thorough professional clean. We advise that tenants reference their original condition report to remedy any potential problems. Your condition report can act as an exceptionally useful tool, assisting tenants to identify out of the ordinary damage that requires their attention. If you are vacating your rental property, our thorough checklist is a comprehensive resource for attending to often forgotten areas, enabling you to recover your bond with the least amount of hassle.

A good rule of thumb is to leave the property as close to its original condition as possible, removing marks on the wall, attending to carpet stains, replacing lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries as necessary.

If your property has a garden or pool, tenants are wholly responsible for ongoing maintenance, unless servicing is included in the lease. Regardless, all tenants are responsible for regularly watering gardens and emptying pool skimmer boxes as well as maintaining water levels between professional visits and ensuring these facilities are in top shape at the end of the lease.

For more information regarding condition reports, recommending professional cleaners and advice on vacating, contact Marshall White’s property management team on 03 9822 8711.

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