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It pays to put a little extra effort into your rental application. Here’s our tips.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd: Crafting a Winning Rental Application

January will often herald new beginnings and that can mean a welcome change of scenery for those in the market for a new rental property. At Marshall White we can see competition intensifying across all price ranges, including the executive home market. As strong demand in Melbourne’s rental property market in 2018 continues, it is now more important than ever to craft a winning application that stands out for the right reasons, to secure your new home.

Here’s our take on the most important elements of a rental application, as well as some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Double check for accuracy

Accurate personal, employment and reference information is essential and there is nothing more frustrating for a property manager than an incomplete application or one with incorrect information. Tania Smith elaborates, ‘It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people don’t have correct phone numbers or emails for references and sometimes even their own details are incorrect.’ Taking an extra five or ten minutes to review your application will make your property manager’s life easier and will hold your application in good stead.

‘I personally love it when prospective tenants provide written references. We require as much information as possible in order to be efficient and diligent property managers.’

Notify your references

Be sure to let your nominated references know that Marshall White will be in touch. Trish Crofts also recommends notifying your manager or human resources department so they are aware they will be required to verify your employment. Property managers are efficient communicators, having to deal with numerous stakeholders on a daily basis. Easily reachable and cooperative references will expedite their job and fast track your application.

Add a personal touch

A personalised cover letter is an excellent addition to your application, adding a personal element that will differentiate you from the competition. Kim Menzies also suggests including an overview of the family or potential occupants, adding, ‘I personally love it when prospective tenants provide written references. We require as much information as possible in order to be efficient and diligent property managers.’ This also presents an excellent opportunity to customise your cover letter, mentioning features you liked about the property and why you have chosen it as your future home.

Explain anything unusual

Be proactive by detailing any unique circumstances, particularly if there is anything in your application that a landlord could potentially question. An explanation will allow a fuller understanding of your position and decrease the chances of your application being ruled out. Trish recommends submitting your accountant or solicitor as references, particularly if you run your own business. If applying with a pet, adding a photo with additional information about the breed and personality of your four-legged family member will also increase your chances of acceptance.

Submit first or early

In order to secure your preferred rental property, getting your application to your property manager in a timely manner is crucial, as property managers will generally receive numerous applications for all homes. Application forms are readily available on the Marshall White website or alternatively you can apply to multiple properties online. Preparing your application ahead of time will allow you to submit at the inspection or even, for the super-organised, prior to viewing the home.

Applying for a new rental property can be an exciting time, although at times potentially stressful. Make your application stand out for the right reasons by following these tips.

For more information on rental properties contact Marshall White on (03 9822 8711) or see our current properties here

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