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Add some life to your home with plants that thrive in indoor conditions

Your Guide For Flourishing Indoor Plants

There is nothing better than bringing the outdoors in and summer is the perfect time for indoor plants to flourish with excellent growing conditions inside, despite often scorching temperatures.

Whether you live in a spacious period home or a compact contemporary apartment, lush indoor plants can immediately convert an ordinary space into something special, adding vibrant pops of colour and creating a calm ambience.

House plants can also provide important benefits for wellbeing, purifying the air and releasing more oxygen, with varieties such as peace lilies, golden cane palms and devils ivy doing just the trick.

For attractive low maintenance options, styling experts Cooper Robinson recommend the following standout varieties to complement your home’s interiors.

‘Lighting, humidity, temperature and water all play a pivotal role in your plants’ health and different varieties will thrive in different ideal conditions.’

Mistletoe Cactus
A coral like succulent that trails into a waterfall is a styling favourite and can be hung to striking effect.

A beautiful long leaf plant that resembles a miniature eucalypt and is just as hardy. This beauty only requires watering every one to two weeks.

Zanzibar Gem
This tropical delight is waxy leafed, sculptural and almost impossible to kill.

Lighting, humidity, temperature and water all play a pivotal role in your plants’ health and different varieties will thrive in different ideal conditions.

Potting soil should be kept moist but not too wet to maintain healthy roots. If a finger placed in the soil is dry, it’s time to water. Checking your plants every three to four days is optimum, but for those who are time poor or planning a holiday self-watering pots and DIY solutions are also available.

Fertilisation should not be overlooked and is essential over spring and summer months.

The nutrients available to a house plant are limited and nutrients need to be added back in, as plants grow.

A stylish pot will also complement the beauty of your plants and there are a plethora of options: terrazzo, concrete, marble, raw clay, tinted ceramics or simply pop your plant into a humble basket.

For the perfect pot, Cooper Robinson styling destinations include: Marmoset Found, Marble Basics, Zakkia and for a one stop shop, Cool Cactus in Armadale is a must.

Images: Hunting for George

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