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Eco-Friendly Design in the Modern Home

The choice of materials used in a home can influence its environmental footprint.

More than ever, the sustainability of an architectural design serves of equal importance as an eye-pleasing aesthetic. Homes have long been crafted to be durable, but as we become increasingly conscious of the need to preserve the natural environment, more eco-friendly innovations are being incorporated into residential design. Here are some of our favourite examples of sustainable elements in local residential homes.

Carefully considered materials –
The choice of materials used in a home can influence its environmental footprint. Natural and organic materials not only create a healthier living environment for your family, but also stand the test of time when it comes to design trends. So, whether you’re renovating or building, it is certainly worthwhile to research material options and their origins. A project by Zen Architects, ‘Eco House’ in Fitzroy North is a contemporary abode made solely with environmentally responsible materials. Recycled bricks, Earthwool insulation from recycled glass, thermal mass in the concrete slab, timber sourced locally and triple glazed windows are all used to great effect in this unique and efficient family haven.

Thoughtful greenery –
Urban living and smaller outdoor spaces see the need for architects and designers to integrate greenery in increasingly innovative ways. We love the way Cera Stribley Architects have cleverly designed a residence that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living zones at 1/43 Somerset Road, Glen Iris. The use of vertical gardens allows the low-maintenance, leafy surrounds to breathe fresh air into this family home.

“Eco-friendly design extends beyond the obtrusive addition of hefty black solar panels to our rooftops.”

Sustainable powering –
With a heightened consciousness of our environmental impact comes the obligation to make informed decisions when choosing how to power our homes. From simple additions such as double or triple glazed windows, to maximizing natural ventilation, we have the capacity to make small changes to our homes that can significantly reduce our environmental footprint – not to mention our power bills! Ben Callery Architects skillfully employ proven techniques of passive solar design and thermal efficiency in their projects, resulting in equally efficient and beautiful homes.

Eco-friendly design extends beyond the obtrusive addition of hefty black solar panels to our rooftops. Fortunately, with heightened demand for sustainable homes, increasing availability of sleek and effective designs can be observed. Design constraints are being met by an increase in sustainable solutions backed by scientific theory – an exciting prospect for the not-so-distance future of architecture.

Images: Marshall WhiteRadial Timbers

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