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Art and Your Home: Curating a Personal Collection

Art is a significant investment for your home, so don’t settle for anything less than love at first sight.

A careful selection of art has the power to make any space feel like home, but it is important to get it right. As taste in artwork is personal to every individual, making sure you are happy with the pieces in your home will require a great deal of input and involvement. The effort will be well worth it, however, because the end result will elevate the feel of your home and become a source of inspiration in your everyday life. Here are our recommendations for bringing a cohesive collection into your home.

Art is a significant investment for your home, so don’t settle for anything less than love at first sight. Spend some time looking at various forms and styles of art in order to allow yourself to discover what you really love and what you could imagine inside your home. Forming a collection will take time as it grows with you and your family, but the result is to establish a collection that will stand the test of time.

Research is essential. Learn about the artist of a piece that you like and look at their other work. Is this a unique piece and a fair price? The more you learn about the artist, the artwork’s story and how it’s made, the more you can connect with the work. Friends are bound to ask questions about your artwork too, so knowing about the piece’s history makes for great conversation.

Keep on top of the Melbourne art scene through art almanacs. You can follow galleries on Instagram to get a sense of the kinds of works which appeal to you. A good starting point is to visit graduation shows at universities or discover smaller, artist-run spaces around the city which showcase young, up-and-coming local talent.

“Keep on top of the Melbourne art scene through art almanacs.”

Don’t forget that hanging art can be a tricky task. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you can always enlist the services of your art courier, who will deliver art and hang it properly for a reasonable fee. Rearranging your artwork is also the easiest way to refresh the feel of your home and will ensure that you experience your artwork in a variety contexts.

Wall mounted pieces aren’t the only way to introduce art into your home. Sculptures can fit into unusual spaces and more durable pieces can often create a modern twist to any garden or outdoor entertainment area. Why not transform a dining table, mantelpiece or sideboard with a collection of sculptures?

Images: Marshall White, SF Girl By Bay

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