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Marshall White One Manager

In her long association with the Marshall White group which spans some 11 plus years, Susan has seen the company grow not only in numbers from just 28 to over 150, and from one office to four but also as a brand which is now one of the most recognised and respected in the industry. Until recently Susan was working in the position of General Manager but earlier in 2011 decided to take on the new challenge of heading up the Marshall White One division of the Marshall White group.

Marshall White One has as its single focus property up to $1million. As such it brings specialised and targeted knowledge in relation to apartments, town houses and villa units in the core areas in which Marshall White lists and sells property. Susan is enjoying the challenge of returning to the sales front and meeting vendors, purchasers and property enthusiasts.

With her professional experience gained from earlier careers in teaching, human resources and operations in senior positions with AGC, the former Georges Store, David Jones and Jenny Craig it is no wonder that Susan is passionate about the importance of training, lifelong learning and career development for all those with whom she works. In her role within the Marshall White One team, Susan is particularly excited to be working with a smaller but ever growing, passionate team of real estate professionals who are the future of the industry.

Maintaining a balance between work and home life has always been imperative to Susan. A mother of two grown up children and a doting grandmother, Susan also relishes the opportunity of travelling with her husband Richard particularly through outback Australia; painting its magnificent landscapes and of perhaps one day mounting a solo exhibition of her work. When time is too short for Susan to paint you will probably find her in her garden, reading a book, writing her family story or taking spin around the dance floor.

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