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Women are good at real estate. They know how houses work. They know about economy of space and how rooms relate to each other. Rae has a busy husband and four sons. Now that is education in how houses work.

After she left University Rae taught English and Communications at Lauriston, St Catherine’s and MLC. She had three years overseas when her husband David took a posting in North America. When she returned she thought it was time for a career change and real estate seemed to match her special skills.

Rae has this extrovert personality, gregarious, and friendly, she always waves to you from across the road. Rae is one of our “famous people”. Everybody knows her because she has had such long experience in the area. She has been in and out of every street and every lane. She knows the good bits, the best positions and, even more important for her vendors – how to go about getting the best price.

Her day starts soon after 8am and from then on she is out on the road, seeing, looking, communicating; bringing together buyers and sellers. That is something she loves and something she is very good at.

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