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Director, Auctioneer AREI CEA

Since the creation of Marshall White Projects in 2013, Mark has lead a dedicated project marketing team that has sold literally hundreds of new ‘off the plan’ apartments or townhouses.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated in nearly 30 years in the industry and is currently involved in over $200,000,000 in new ‘off the plan’ product.

“The opportunity to be involved in every aspect of a marketing campaign means that I can take full ownership of achieving the best yield, not just the best price. In the end it’s all about giving our builder clients an edge in the selling process.”

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time down at the coast with his wife Sam and four daughters and supporting his beloved Adelaide Crows.


“At all times Mark kept us informed of potential buyer interest in an honest and open manner which assisted us in setting a reserve which reflected both our aspirations and the reality of the market. Mark’s negotiating skills immediately after the auction resulted in us obtaining a price, which we considered highly satisfactory.”
- Past Vendors – Doonkuna Avenue, Camberwell


“We were particularly impressed by the fact that we were kept fully informed throughout the sale campaign and that you were able to accurately identify those parties that were the most interested in the property. Mark, I was most impressed by the fact that your estimate of the property’s value was in line with the sale price and that you remained confident of your estimate throughout the sale campaign.”
- Past Vendors – Bayview Avenue, Hawthorn East


“As you know, we wished to sell our house in Disraeli Street Kew discreetly, so your claim that you could sell it for a superior price with no advertising and within 21 days was very ppealing. Imagine our delight when after only one ‘inspection by invitation’ for a small group of handpicked buyers, you sold the property WITHIN ONE WEEK for a price that we were elighted with.”
- Past Vendors – Disraeli Street, Kew


“You arranged the sale in exactly the manner which we indicated to you was our ideal, with no fuss and no bother, reflected in the fact that there was no need for an advertising board nd only one newspaper advertisement was required. Most particularly, we were very pleased with the manner of your approach to us during the sale process, and with the support of thers in the team. Your judgment in finalization of the sale also proved to be correct and your interaction with us in that regard was most timely and effective.”
- Past Vendors – Balwyn Road, Balwyn


“Mark was always a perfect gentleman, attentive to detail and considerate to both the client and the purchaser. Having experienced the sale of three houses in addition to this one, I ust say this has been the most satisfactory transaction of all.”
- Past Vendor – Dominic Street, Camberwell


“Your performance was – as we expected it to be – first class in every respect. From the day we telephoned to say we were considering selling Loch Street until the sale was complete, our service , knowledge attention to detail and approach to handling the business was exemplary. You had the value spot on from day one. You’re reporting on open for inspections, assessment of your buyer prospects and forecast of likely happenings on auction day were precise. And the way in which you handled the sale was both reassuring and confidence-inspiring. ”
- Past Vendors – Loch Street, Hawthorn East


“We gave you a mandate to sell the house for maximum price by private sale, with little media, no external sale board and with minimum inconvenience to us. You achieved towards the top end of the anticipated selling range (which considering the speed at which the property sold and the short settlement period equated to the high end of our expectations). We had no board, we had no media and most importantly the property sold within 10 days of the first inspection. The purchaser was the first person to inspect the property from your register of listed buyers. Having purchased and sold 7 properties in the last 15 years, ‘selling property’ and ‘a satisfactory experience’ are terms that I am not use to putting in the same sentence. In this sentence I can”
- Past Vendors – Macartney Street, Kew


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