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After 16 years selling property in and around the City of Boroondara, Desiree knows the local clientele and, more importantly, understands their needs.

Supported by her colleagues and the strength of the Marshall White brand, Desiree is a highly respected and valued member of the Marshall White team and has a strong commitment to total customer awareness and satisfaction. Able to provide informed, educated advice at all times, she has a remarkable ability to adapt to any situation and offer the best solutions, even in the most challenging of market conditions.

Desiree devises a customised strategy for every property she lists. She believes each and every property is unique and therefore requires a specific marketing plan in order to maximise the sale price. She has remarkable negotiation skills and the ability to adapt to any situation, offering the best solutions for all your real estate requirements.

Highly enthusiastic and focused, it is normal for Desiree to deliver results far greater than anticipated.

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